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dr pescatore amino acid diet

The A-List Diet: Lose Up to 15 Pounds and Look and Feel Younger in Just 2 Weeks by Fred Pescatore

The A-List Diet, Lose up to 15 Pounds and Look and Feel Younger in Just 2 Weeks, Fred Pescatore

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Hmnnn, if like me youve been in a lifelong weight battle that headline Lose up to 15 Pounds and Look and Feel Younger in Just 2 Weeks will appeal. So I eagerly dived into this book and....
Well, if youve a Science degree maybe youll follow it better. My degree is Law, and some of those papers were pretty dull, but they had nothing on this. 
It felt like my poor word selection lookup on my paperwhite was in use several times on far too many pages with all the fancy/complex terms he uses.  
Ill pick a page totally at random and quote a few lines just so you can see what I mean about words. Ok, its loc 1194: ...of the cell to the mitochrondria, where it is used to generate adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the fuel that powers all cellular activity. Further down that page he talks about Aspartic acid being good for the mind, increasing NADH which boosts production of neurotransmitters, and removes excess toxins from cells especially ammonia, which is damaging to the brain.
You thought this was a diet book didnt you? A magic fix to help you lose that stone quickly. Well, there are recipes and ordinary-ish advice, but they come quite a way into the book after you battled through all the science stuff first, and read about recommended tablets etc. And of course theres lots of them, but its OK, Fred sells them. 
So he starts off with a week long detox, assuring us we will not get hungry, and citing a patient who had persistent and so far untreatable pain and fatigue issues. She was one of the first to try his detox, and after looked like a whole new person! She lost 8 lbs, regained colour to her face, and talked about going back to work after shed thought she wouldnt ever be able to. Sounds a little miraculous to me. 
Of course theres also the proviso found in all diet books, the one we never pay attention to, that says check with your GP before starting and you may not lose as much weight as suggested. 

So what is the detox? Well, basically nothing for first two days except water and herbal teas, then a little broth after that. Later in the week we get to add...eggs, then avocado and finally a few nuts and fish. And the pills of course: a good multi-vitamin, which he sells at 2 three times a day, a detox supplement formula ( again he makes one) at 2 three times a day, and one RegActive ( thats whats written,not sure what it is) twice per day. Its not hard to see how a week of this will result in weight loss, but a lot harder for me to believe I wont be hungry, especially the first two days! 
After that it depends on what sort of person you are as to what you eat, he breaks people down into six different types and treats each differently, which I found interesting. Theres some pretty comprehensive lists of foods according to what type of person you are, but they seem to be mainly along the lines of lean protein and vegetables, avoiding carbs and starchy veg and including only a little fruit. 
It kind of makes sense as these foods are good for the body and do increase metabolism, but Im not yet convinced.
One issue I have as a UK reader is that I know many of these foods by a different name, but there are also many that I havent a clue what they are, and theyre certainly not available in the rural part of the country where I live.
I know the internet is great for sourcing most stuff, but not fresh food. Im thinking of creme fraiche qurut, coconut butter soy milk ( unless maybe thats two things and a misprint?), queso fresco Gervais, chaource, eposses, harz, livarot ( that doesnt sound good for liver ;-) ) caprini, abondance....you see what I mean here? This is just a fraction of the list. Once past week one and the supplements needed there, we need more for the next parts of the diet, specially formulated by Fred.

What I like about the diet is no calorie counting, no fat gram counting and long lists of foods that can be eaten ( even if I dont know what many of them are). I enjoy reading about why and how certain things work, it helps me to stick to a diet when i know, for example, that lean protein boots metabolism which in turn helps fat burning.
Theres a useful section of recipes included in the second half of the book, but they are once more pretty complex. For example breakfast of fried egg and gruyere on a bed of avocado has nine ingredients and mexican fried eggs has thirteen..vegetable soup has seventeen, stuffed chicken and squash ribbons has fifteen. I find the more ingredients, the less likely I am to make a recipe for every day use. Too long in the kitchen and I want to nibble.
I do like that Fred sells the specific tablets needed.

What I dont like about this book though is that Fred sells tha tablets. Yep, thats ight, I do and dont lie it. Do in that its easy to get them ( in US anyway), and dont in that the cynic in me is thinking do we really need them? Is this just a way to get more money out of people?
Then IMO he goes too far in the explainations, blinding the reader with scientific terms and stats and words weve never heard of. That makes me a bit suspicious, maybe Im just a cynic, but I like simple transparency. Not everyone is like me though, some like the fuller texts. 
Back at work some 20 years ago I was talking to a head teacher about one of the floors we cleaned. I told him Id brought a new product for the cleaner to use, no machine polishing needed, as it was a new trial of a self shining, floor sheen emulsion. Or something like that... It was a tiny school, very little profit and the company wouldnt spring for the expense of a floor polisher. If Id said no need for a machine Ive got a different polish, he wouldnt have been happy. Suggest its something new and fancy and he was. Some people need the complexity more than they want the transparency. I guess its like needing scientific terms to let you be able to believe, rather than just understand how it works.
I think in theory this is a good weight loss book - if you can stick to it and dont mind spending lots on supplements.
I think the headline 15 lbs in 2 weeks is something most people will focus on and few will achieve. Celebrity diets are fine, they tend to have chefs to source, weight, measure and cook everything, but for the ordinary person I cant see this book being really helpful. 
For me its not a diet that appeals, Id rather get my vitamins and nutrients from real food than a pill.

Stars: Three, for me its not tempting but I guess it might appeal to others who are dedicated to what they eat, and have patience to follow this. It does have some useful advice, even if its all locked up in jargon and soundbites. 

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While we used to think that fat was fat, we now know that abdominal fat is its own beast. This fat, which surrounds the liver and other organs, is a risk factor all on its own for several diseases. Even people who are normal weight but have extra fat around the middle are at risk for type-2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and more. But some scientists from the University of Bonn in Switzerland think they may have the solution. At the heart of the matter is the complicated relationship between two different types of fat: white fat and brown fat. To understand what the researchers from Bonn discovered, first you need to understand the difference between these two types of fat.

Stay connected with Dr. Call us : Mail us : info alistdietbook. What is the A-List Diet? The A-List Diet is a simple, effective way to lose weight and keep it off, while looking younger and feeling better than you thought was possible.

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We all know that a diet rich in protein and low in carbohydrates is key to weight loss and maintenance, blood sugar control, and heart health. These building blocks, called amino acids, are present in the foods we eat — animal sources mostly, but also to a lesser degree in vegetarian sources. There are 22 amino acids that we know of, and they occur in different amounts in different foods. Our bodies are constantly absorbing, changing, and recycling the amino acids we feed it. It is a complex system by which the body takes what it needs from the food we provide it. After all, how are we to know exactly what is in each food down to the cellular level? The science of the past decade has confirmed that the right supply of amino acids — either through the right foods or through nutritional supplements — will turbo charge your metabolism.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Clinical studies reveal the right mix of BCAAs can help you boost metabolism, build lean muscle, AND trim away excess fat—all with less effort. Just mix it with cold water for a light, refreshing drink that stands alone. Or use it as the main ingredient in your personalized A-List Diet shake. The additional ingredients are easy to find from online supplement retailers or your local natural food store. To really spice things up, you can also create your own go-to Saturday night cocktail by blending A-List Amino Booster with ice and a shot of vodka.

Want to shrink your waist and smooth your thighs at the same time? Pescatore reveals. His secret? He spikes a traditional low-carb diet with amino acids. He says the natural compounds not only help accelerate fat burning , they also help our bodies build firmer, more dimple-resistant skin. While a lucky few women have connective tissue that forms a tight crisscross pattern and keeps fat flat, 85 percent of us have a looser pattern that allows cellulite dimples to form, say researchers at Kiel University in Germany.

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