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awkward who does jenna choose

Jenna Woginrich (Author of Made from Scratch)

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Published 12.04.2019

Awkward. (Season 5) - Together Again (Official Sneak Peek) - MTV

Jenna Hamilton

After last week's surreal-yet-hilarious "what if? ET on MTV. All season long, our heroine, Jenna Hamilton Ashley Rickards has wavered between Matty McKibben Beau Mirchoff and Jake Rosati Brett Davern , but the time has finally come to make a choice between the boy she lost her virginity to and her first real boyfriend. But before Jenna could make a choice between the two guys in her life, she had to put herself first -- something that Rickards believes is a vital lesson for teenage girls to learn. Still, Jenna will make a decision between Jake and Matty in the finale, Mirchoff promised. I will say that I believe Jenna makes the right choice for herself at that specific time

The show's central character is Jenna Hamilton Ashley Rickards , a Palos Verdes, California , teenager who struggles with her identity, especially after an accident is misconstrued as a suicide attempt. The series premiered on July 19, , and was renewed for a second season in August In June , it was announced that creator Iungerich would be exiting the series after production of the third season concluded in June Awkward ' s first season was generally well received, with television critics praising the show's realism and writing as well as its central character, and it was included in various critics' top ten lists. In October , Awkward was renewed for a fifth and final season, which premiered in August The second half of the fifth season did not begin to air until March

Awkward executive producer Mike Chessler said the MTV show's and we did talk about a version of the speech where Matty said, “Choose.
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Jenna is best friends with Tamara Kaplan and Ming Huang. She shares an antagonistic relationship with Sadie Saxton , which has never evolved. However they briefly worked together to work against new enemy Amber Horn. She has an on-and-off romantic relationship with Matty McKibben , until she cheated on him with Collin Jennings. They started having a friends with benefits, but Jenna started to realize that he's hiding her from others again, and broke it off. Jenna has also been struggling to live a "normal life" ever since a misunderstanding which led people into thinking she had a "failed suicide attempt," and because of this she has been counseling with Valerie Marks , who gives Jenna terrible advice and considers Jenna her "best friend. After she dated Collin, her personality, wardrobe and attitude began to change, making her reckless, uncaring and more daring, and as a result she was alienated by her friends, but it's later revealed that Collin still had a sexual relationship with his ex-girlfriend.

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