Is jim hutton still alive

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is jim hutton still alive

Mercury and Me by Jim Hutton

The relationship between Freddie Mercury and Jim Hutton evolved over several months in 1984 and 1985. Even when they first slept together Hutton had no idea who Mercury was, and when the star told him his name it meant nothing to him. Hutton worked as a barber at the Savoy Hotel and retained his job and his lodgings in Sutton, Surrey, for two years after moving in with Mercury, and then worked as his gardener. He was never fully assimilated into Mercurys jet-setting lifestyle, nor did he want to be, but from 1985 until Mercurys death in 1991 he was closer to him than anyone and knew all Mercurys closest friends: the other members of Queen, Elton John, David Bowie, Phil Collins to name a few. Ever present at the countless Sunday lunch gatherings and opulent parties, Hutton has a wealth of anecdotes about as well as a deep understanding of, Mercurys life. He also nursed Mercury through his terminal illness, often held him throughout the night in his final weeks, and was with him as he died. No one can tell the story of the last few years of Mercurys private life - the ecstasies and the agonies - more accurately or honestly than Jim Hutton.
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Jim Hutton Died 01-01-2010

However, the film leaves out many details about both relationships, tweaking and glossing over precious facts.
Jim Hutton

Five facts about Freddie Mercury’s former partner Jim Hutton

Bohemian Rhapsody details the life of Freddie Mercury, the lead singer and main creative driving force behind the band Queen. But what happened to Jim Hutton in real life? Unfortunately, Hutton is no longer with us. Mercury died due to complications from AIDS in Instead, it was lung cancer that took Hutton's life, and the Irish native died at the age of 60 on New Year's Day, , according to Irish Central.

Following the release of Queen's Freddie Mercury biopic "Bohemian Rhapsody," we take a look back at the frontman's County Carlow boyfriend, Jim Hutton. Jim Hutton is most notably known for being the partner of former Queen frontman Freddie Mercury. Before meeting Mercury.
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However since it was , same-sex marriage was not legal and therefore there would have been no legal relationship to speak of., Skip navigation!

Hutton, a handsome and charismatic Irishman who also worked as a hairdresser for the Queen singer, died on January 1, , after a long battle with cancer , just three days short of his 61st birthday. Mercury died of bronchopneumonia brought on by AIDS after publicly acknowledging he had the disease just a day before his death. Carlow where Hutton built a house. The bulk of the rock singer's vast estate went to Mary Austin, his former girlfriend of six years. Related: Irish American , Music. Toggle navigation.

Jim, who is nervous and uses his humour defensively, has bounded into the Hyde Park Hotel making jokes about putting the chandelier in his handbag. He has a rubicund face, moustache, angry eyes and receding black hair. Gone is the high clone look white vest and jeans , replaced by a cheap looking tie and aquamarine jacket. He must have made an unlikely partner with the outrageous pop star. If you saw him in the street you'd imagine he was a suburban publican.

Dana James Hutton May 31, — June 2, was an American actor in film and television best remembered for his role as Ellery Queen in the s TV series of the same name and his screen partnership with Paula Prentiss in four films, starting with Where the Boys Are. He is the father of actor Timothy Hutton. Hutton, an editor and managing editor of the Binghamton Press. Hutton was expelled from five high schools due to behavior problems but had excellent grades and test scores. After starting his school newspaper's sports column, he earned a scholarship in journalism from Syracuse University in Hutton then enrolled at Niagara University , where he began pursuing an acting career. Hutton served in the United States Army from and starred in over forty Army training films before going to Berlin to serve in special services.

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  1. Freddie Mercury - , lead singer of 70s hard rock quartet Queen, performing live on stage.

  2. person who knew Mercury best was his longtime partner, Jim Hutton, The pair ended up living together for several years, starting not long.

  3. Nevertheless — and despite plenty of adversity and a tragic ending to their story — this pairing was, for both men, the relationship of a lifetime.

  4. Freddie Mercury's Irish partner Jim Hutton was laid to rest in his hometown of Carlow. Jim Hutton, the Irish partner of the late pop idol Freddie Mercury, died on New Year’s Day, , and was laid to rest in his hometown of Carlow, Ireland. Mercury died of bronchopneumonia brought.

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