First appearance of jokers daughter

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first appearance of jokers daughter

Batman Arkham: Jokers Daughter by Bob Rozakis

Duela Dent claims to be the child of many of Gotham Citys most infamous super-villains, including Catwoman, Scarecrow, the Riddler and the Penguin, but theres one name she is always known by: the Jokers Daughter! This mysterious young woman started out as a villain and became a heroic member of the Teen Titans before finally returning to her criminal roots. Batman has learned that when dealing with the Jokers Daughter, its best to expect the unexpected.
BATMAN ARKHAM: JOKERS DAUGHTER collects some of the villains greatest stories by classic creators, including Bob Rozakis (ACTION COMICS), Geoff Johns (THE FLASH), Ann Nocenti (CATWOMAN), Irv Novick (BATMAN), Don Heck (WONDER WOMAN), Georges Jeanty (SUPERBOY) and many more!

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Joker's Daughter #1

People still chose to live there, and she now lives there with her ugly cat, surviving by trading go. Duela Dent long ago ran away to Gotham City 's Nethers, a region of the city's underground that had been flooded for the reservoir system.
Bob Rozakis

Duela Dent

Like… Harvey Dent? Come, lets talk about weird shit in comics, and a strange female character who maybe is getting a comeback, who knows? A lot of them deserved it. Freeze, for example, never really caught on until Batman: The Animated Series scrapped his jewel thief identity to give him a tragic motivation and a frozen wife. To sum up: superheroes get a lot of crazy villains.

At the time the article was written, there were still copies left at Diamond. Terry Hoknes at www. The book is old out.
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The Meat & The Marrow

No recent wiki edits to this page. She was part of The Riddler Family , with the Riddler as her step-father. Duela Dent first appeared baffling and confounding Robin.

In an attempt to capitalize on youth culture and the burgeoning, previously unknown market of teenagers who had made new comics like Fantastic Four and Spider-Man into overnight successes, DC introduced a hip, culture-savvy team of its own in the Teen Titans. Kind of. The Teen Titans were created by Bob Haney and Bruno Premiani in , and proved popular enough to warrant their own series by While early Titans issues had featured references to bands like the Beatles, the Beatles themselves soon changed to fit the times, while the Titans were stuck using antiquated catchphrases and language written by people who were definitely not teenagers. In , the series continued somewhat randomly after a long break, but only lasted for about nine issues before it was canceled again in

DC Comics introduced a new feature on their official website Wednesday, 'What's New in The New 52,' where editor-in-chief Bob Harras promises the publisher will play "show and tell. Every week, you'll get a glimpse of that here," wrote Harras. The second installment of the feature rolled out Thursday and it features a character design DC refers to as "Joker's Daughter?! Newsarama has confirmed the art is by Nightwing artist Brett Booth, so she may appear in that title first. She worked frequently as a hero alongside the Teen Titans, and self-identified as the daughter of several other Bat-villains, including Catwoman, Riddler, Penguin, and Scarecrow. Her identity actually got more confusing with a retcon that made her from an alternate earth: the daughter of a heroic version of the Joker and "Three-Face" aka Evelyn Dent, but raised by her stepfather Riddler.

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  1. She gained the attention of Robin , as she later claimed to be the daughter of Catwoman , Scarecrow , Riddler , and Penguin.

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