Diana prince first appearance all star comics 8

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diana prince first appearance all star comics 8

Sensation Comics #1 by William Moulton Marston

The lead story in the book, retroactively entitled Wonder Woman Comes to America, could just as well be The Origin of Wonder Woman, part two. A direct sequel to All Star Comics #8, this story details Wonder Womans return of Steve Trevor to his military life in the US. It also shows Diana taking up the identity of Diana Prince and beginning her life as a spy...well, nurse in the US Military.

The Black Pirate, now fairly well-established, gets a significant story in this issue as well, in which he marries Donna Bonita and agrees to work for Spain, both of which will have lasting effects upon the series.

The other four stories introduce, by way of origin stories, Wildcat, Mr. Terrific, Little Boy Blue, and The Gay/Grim Ghost.
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Wonder Woman: Vol 3 #8 "Love And Murder" Part Three

All Star Comics #8 CGC 9.4 First Wonder Woman Sells For Record $936,223.00

This CGC 9. Updated: The seller, Darren Adams of Pristine Comics, had two other census-topping Wonder Woman keys which closed at auction later last night. Sensation Comics 1 CGC 9. Giving that All Star Comics 8 sale a little more context, we can also compare sales such as:. If it were to happen, it would yield some spectacular results, and such is the case with this collection.

All Star Comics No. I hate to say this because I'm a WonderTrev stan but maybe there was too much Steve Trevor in the movie? Do you have any thoughts on this? I totally have thoughts on this. But I also noticed while watching that he was being treated far, far better than are female love interests here, a moment of silence for all of the Lois Lane scenes on the DCEU cutting room floor. On the one hand, DCEU!

The Silver Age and television success

She was originally created by psychologist and polygraph test inventor William Moulton Marston, who was inspired by both his wife, Elizabeth Marston, and his partner, Olive Byrne, to create a powerful female superhero. This, plus her sassy one-liners to criminals and police, really make Wonder Woman an endearing character from the get-go. The plot of Wonder Woman is a little threadbare, but Sekowsy crafts a classic moment when Diana throws off her dowdy business clothes and transforms into a hippie princess in a gorgeous splash page. She was entrapped by a skeezy lawyer to testify against Steve Trevor in a murder case, so she has to find his real killer as Diana Prince. She loses her abilities so that she can stay with Steve Trevor after he was almost sent to the electric chair for murder, but picks up some martial arts skills from I-Ching. Along with being a feminist pioneer, Gloria Steinem is a huge Wonder Woman fan. She grew up reading the comics as a child, and even confessed in a PBS interview to buying bracelets in pairs because Wonder Woman blocked bullets with two bracelets.

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  1. While the series' cover-logo trademark reads All Star Comics , its copyrighted title as indicated by postal indicia is All-Star Comics , with a hyphen.

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