Dragon ball fighterz beginners guide

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dragon ball fighterz beginners guide

Dragon Ball FighterZ by Amy

An in-depth strategy guide & game walkthrough for DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ

This game guide includes:

• Introduction
• Need Know before beginner
• Tips & Tricks for DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ
• Unlockables
• and MORE!

Focused on helping gamers not just clear their games, but completely master them. A must-have resource for any true fan!

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Published 07.04.2019

Dragon Ball FighterZ - 20 essential tips for new and returning players

This Dragon Ball FighterZ guide will serve as a hub for all of our game content, including strategies and advice for each character, as well as our how to gain access to any hidden characters. As Dragon Ball FighterZ is just now releasing, we will be adding more and more character guides and take an in-depth look at various system mechanics to make sure you know everything you need to know to start your climb up the ranked ladder. As new strategies are discovered and DLC characters are released, more and more information will be added to this ever evolving Dragon Ball FighterZ game guide!

6 tips for getting started in Dragon Ball FighterZ

Dragon Ball FighterZ , the latest in the long-running fighting game companion to the anime series, is now out worldwide for consoles and PC alike. If you need anything else concerning Dragon Ball FighterZ, including a complete review roundup for the game, as well as a list of all the modes and fighters featured in the game, head over to our Dragon Ball FighterZ everything we know guide. To start with, we have several additional Dragon Ball FighterZ guides, aimed at helping you with specific areas of the hectic fighting game. You can find them all listed just below:. Your Ki Gauge is shown by the bar in the bottom of the screen, which fills up with every successful attack you land on your opponent. If the timer runs out and both teams are left standing, the one with the most health will be deemed the winner. There are fights with underlings along the way to the final boss of a map, which give you the chance to earn some XP to level up Goku.

Arc Systemworks, the developers behind Guilty Gear and Blazblue, have graced us with their presence in developing a fighting game for one of the most popular anime shows in the world. As both a Guilty Gear and Tekken player, it was very interesting to find the similarities and differences it had with Guilty Gear. Interestingly it has simplified both systems and has introduced some things of its own in reference to the actual show. For those that are scared to delve into the Fighting game genre, DBFZ looks to make the transition into understanding the competitive nature of fighting games much easier with its simplified mechanics. For reference, I will be using the Numpad Notation to explain the mechanics of this game. Dragonball Fighter Z at its core is a 6 button Fighter. Dragon Rush is an unblockable throw type move that can only be interrupted if you press a button during the start up of the move hitting you.


Do the Tutorial and Combo Challenges



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  1. With the release of Dragon Ball FighterZ, a lot of new players — both fans of Dragon Ball and people taken in by the game's stunning animation.

  2. That means a swathe of fresh-faced Saiyans are now jumping into the arena for the very first time, eager to fight.

  3. When watching an average game of Dragon Ball FighterZ you might feel a bit overwhelmed trying to keep up with all the action.

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