Cat only had one kitten

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cat only had one kitten

One Kitten for Kim by Adelaide Holl

This was one of my favorite books when I was a kid, but I had completely forgotten about it until it popped up in an article I read recently. I was excited to read it again as an adult and share it with my infant during our story time, and I am happy to report that it still holds up all these years later!

Kims cat has kittens and his parents will only allow him to keep one of the kittens. He must find homes for the rest of them. Kim takes the kittens around the neighborhood, finding the perfect fit for the kittens with some of his neighbors - but also takes other pets in trade! I love the fun, simple story. Some of the story is told in pictures within the text - for example, as Kim starts collecting other animals, where you might read the phrase two goldfish in a bowl, the words goldfish and bowl are absent, and instead there are pictures of those items. There is repetition to appeal to kids who like that. I like the fact that, throughout the book, Kim and the neighbors he speaks to are kind and respectful to one another, and how ultimately, Kim is helping them each out with the kittens - for example, the grocer has mice, so the kitten he gets from Kim will help with that. A little girl who went to the circus and wants a tiger for a pet is appeased when Kim gives her a striped kitten that looks like a small tiger. Its just a really cute book and while the copy I had as a kid is gone, I am definitely going to try and track a copy down for our personal library!
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Kitten Birth

In this case, when one or more kittens have been born, the mother will cease straining and It is seen when the uterus produces none, or only weak, infrequent . If, however, a kitten has had to be helped out and is not breathing, or on those.
Adelaide Holl

Why has my Cat Only had One Kitten?

While many authors believe that problems in parturition birth are rare in the cat, others feel that with the progression of selective breeding these problems are becoming more common. The effect of this has been shown in a survey of over breeding cats, which found that cats with extremes of conformation, such as Siamese and Persians, experienced much higher levels of dystocia difficult births , 10 per cent and 7. It is therefore very important that breeders are aware of the details of normal parturition, so that they can recognise a problem when it arises. In pregnancy, the foetuses are spaced along each horn of the uterus. Each foetus is contained within its own membranes and has its own placenta through which it derives nourishment. The uterus may be considered as a muscular, sausage-shaped bag, capable of contracting both around its diameter and along its length.

Feb 10, 1. Hi everyone, My little lady named Babalon we call her ChaCha sometimes just gave birth to a healthy kitten yesterday morning at We had expected to see more little ones, but Babalon has not gone into labour again. Babs is 1. From the MOUNTAIN of reading I've done on the internet, and the numerous vet offices I've called many of which had no idea what they were talking about, by the way, I knew more than they did what I am able to bring forth is: 1.

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A two-year-old cat, Shelby, was found abandoned right before she gave birth to a litter of kittens. A Good Samaritan noticed her and provided her food while she took care of her kittens. When the kittens were older, they were trapped and taken to a local shelter.

It would be unusual but it is possible. If you are concerned there could be more, have her examined by a veterinarian. Your vet could take an X-day to make sure there aren't anymore. It may happen, but the only way you have to know if she has any other kitten inside is to take her to your veterinarian and have her checked. Radiographs may be necessary.

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