Scrubs eight days a week

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scrubs eight days a week

Scrubs by Brooke Harris

I like fast cars and a stiff drink.
I hate drugs. I can’t stand the idiots who take them and I loathe the bastards who supply them. Drugs cost me my whole world.
I wear many faces; right now I’m Doctor Lucas Callaghan and I’ll be him until I get my revenge.
My real name will be the last words to ever pass their lips.

I hate my name, Aoife Brennan, as soon as people hear it they treat me differently because of my father.
Medical school isn’t my dream, it’s his. But, it’s the least I owe him after everything I’ve done. I’m trying to be a good girl, but even good girls make mistakes.

He’s lying about who he is, she’s kidding herself about who she can be. They’re polar opposites with one very big secret in common.

Please note: SCRUBS is a novella serial. Part One ends on a cliffhanger. 18+ adult content and language.
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Scrubs - Ted and his band "The Blanks" sing the beatles

The cast of Scrubs: Where are they now?

Scrubs Season 3. Episode 1 - My American Girl. Episode 2 - My Journey. Episode 3 - My White Whale. Episode 4 - My Lucky Night.

The Worthless Peons

Australian Women's Weekly. It's been almost nine years since the hilarious Scrubs left our screens, and an even greater seventeen years since it first premiered. I know, we're all really, really old. But, in good non-old related news, the beloved medical sitcom is making it's way to our screens once more! The full series is set to start streaming on Stan on Friday 1st of February. Especially since the gang are all still very much together. The stars of Scrubs - including Zach Braff J.

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It may not have been the biggest ratings or awards winner, but we took Scrubs to our sacred hearts throughout its eight seasons yeah, we're not counting that dodgy ninth rebooted season. But how have the cast of the medical comedy fared since the show ended? Robert Maschio The Todd. Robert will probably forever be known as the ultra hypersexual frat-boy surgeon 'The Todd', but there are worse ways to be remembered. Sam Lloyd Ted. Sam has the unique geeky claim of reprising his role as sad sack lawyer Ted in a few episodes of the aforementioned Cougar Town. Of course, he's also the lead singer of his a capella group The Blanks in real life or The Worthless Peons, as they were on Scrubs.

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