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the witch house download free

The Witchs House: The Diary of Ellen, Chapter 1 by Fummy


Oh boy. did I have a shock today when I randomly discovered that THEY MADE A MANGA OF THIS ONLY A FEW MONTHS AGO. MY HEART IS SO HAPPY. It is BEAUTIFUL. heartbreaking to me that this is only available currently in E-format, but I hope with time this will change so PLEASE PEOPLE BUY IT AND SHOW INTEREST. URGHHH.

For the unaware, The witchs house orginally was a free RPG horror game hailing from Japan (Which BTW is INCREDIBLE, SO WHAT ARE YOU DOING, PLAY IT. ( play here )

The incredible storytelling that came from the game raised a lot of questions for me, and the creator later published a book in japan explaining the events happening before the story (which for anyone in the know, is FASCINATING to read when you find out the whole story of the game) and it was incredible. I read a fan translation a few years back as the thing itself was never translated, but the book itself is beautiful. However it didnt end there as now there is a manga. SCREECHING ENSUES.

for those who arent familiar with the story, in the game you play as a girl named viola who gets lost one day in the woods. with no clear way out she finds a mysterious house and enters, but it is clear that the house is not always on her side, and there are rumors that a witch lives inside.

on to the manga, it answers questions such as these: WHo is the black cat? What is Ellens backstory? Where was she before the house? How did the house come to be? and most importantly, we ask ourselves yet again (SCREECHING ENSUES) WHO IS THE TRUE VILLAIN? Spoiler: its (kind of) not who you may have thought by the ending of playing the game.

THE ART IS BEAUTIFUL. ITS STUNNING AND GORY AND DARK AND I LOVE IT. and I get it, im already a fan so I didnt need this pushed my way, but it blew me away, seriously. I am extremely impressed, and cannot to relive the rest of this incredible story in such a fascinating way!

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The Witch's House MV - WITCH'S HOUSE REMAKE, Manly Let's Play [ 1 ]

The Witch’s House (Region Free) PC

There are traps at almost every point in the game while sudden death is usual. In the horrifying environment, you have to solve puzzles based on the clues that you will find in the game. The death is waiting for you at every moment in the game. The Witcher House MV is the remake of the original game released in The graphics are remade in order to create a horror in the game.

Will you be able to help the little protagonist to survive?

The Witch's House is a free game, developed in Japan and rendered in English by an expert translator who specializes in games like it., Sign in to add this item to your wishlist, follow it, or mark it as not interested.

Download Now downloads. I will no longer be posting these while half asleep. Site here. Creator Here. The young Viola visits a mysterious house in the woods. She soon discovers its dangerous nature and must find a way out.

The young Viola visits a mysterious house in the woods. She soon discovers its dangerous nature and must find a way out. But the house is ever-changing, and death could be lurking anywhere Content Severity: Discretion Advised Click here for content warnings. Blood and gore. Body horror. Many possible ways to die, some with rather gruesome animations.

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  1. The Witch's House is a freeware puzzle-horror game by Fummy about a dangerous (Chrome may falsely flag the download as malicious, but it's safe to ignore.) The rules for the free version forbid profiting from the game itself in any way.

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