Kaffe fassett knitting patterns free

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kaffe fassett knitting patterns free

Glorious Knits: 35 Designs for Knitting Sweaters, Dresses, Vests and Shawls by Kaffe Fassett

“Like many other crafts, knitting has the potential to create magic in our lives. Mosaic-making, woodcarving, tapestry, quilting and so on, are all capable of lifting everyday household objects out of the ordinary to brighten up our days. Instead, they are often responsible for drab, uninspired works that have the opposite effect…I want to convey that a sense of color is not something you automatically know about; you discover and rediscover its secrets by playing with it, and above all, constantly looking.” Fassett offers the eternal challenge and consolation that we learn most effectively by trial and error.

Contents include an Introduction (Knitting with colors, and abbreviations); chapters on Stripes, Steps & Zigzags, Diamonds, Stars, Squares & Patches, Circles, and Flowers; Yarn information, Hints for American knitters, Acknowledgements, and an Index.

I bought a used copy for all of 5€ recently, and evidently time has been gentle. This 1987 reprint is as fresh as it was hot from the press: colors are bright, and the binding holds firm. The font is sharp enough to make a clear photocopy—a necessity, of course, so as not to carry around this heavy book in one’s project sack.

What a joy to revisit this book almost thirty years later! By the time I first discovered it—Fassett’s ‘Carpet Pattern’ coat (glorious color-spread pp. 44-45) featured in an issue of “Vogue Knitting” circa 1986—his unique style was all the rage. I adored it, but didn’t pause to study his method. Thankfully, this book withstood the test of time, and is proving itself a classic. Written for pattern-followers, there are enough hints from our esteemed guide to entice more confident knitters into the process. Fassett leads without dictating…well, he does dictate, if you prefer to buy a kit or match his colors at your discretion, and that’s what’s so appealing about this book: it speaks to so many levels. I can learn from him as I learned painting from Cézanne—by turning observation into creation with a heady dose of trial and error.

My regret is that he’s not more dictatorial about color theory. The glossy photos explode with color—color that works! How does he do that? Fassett encourages us to experiment, acceding that nature is a great artist and marvelous teacher, yet he says nothing about shades and tones and hues and such.

This style does not appeal to everyone, (nor does everyone desire a Picasso over the fireplace), yet everyone interested in creation, history, and theory of art benefits from studying a master. Glorious Knitting has earned its place on any serious knitters’ shelf (right next to Itten’s The Art of Color.)
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Kaffe Fassett and Brandon Mably: Textile designers who paint with yarn

Kaffe takes a reflective look at fairisle, colourwork and colour combinations and brings you a collection of 6 unique designs recognisable as Kaffe Fassett.
Kaffe Fassett


Somehow, I knew the path I was on was right, and my trust in that sense was stronger than the limitation of my own personal comforts or desires. The luscious multi-layered book has been feeding my post-holiday soul. In the afterglow of holiday overload, extended family dinners and massive clean ups, I pause each evening and curl up with this book. But the book reaches deep into the souls of knitters who cannot resist replicating his colorful and whimsically patterned designs. Following Kaffe's visionary career has influenced my use of color and my knitting ethic. It blew away my neutrally classic ideas about color.

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A New Year is pretty much around the corner, and so we wanted to introduce something new to the website in Here is a selection of our very favourite and most recent designs, which are all available to download from free. This wrap or bed throw by Kaffe Fassett is the perfect canvas for the blue tones of his new Handknit Cotton colours.
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Kaffe left the United States after just 3 months at art school and travelled to London in order to paint. He settled there in …. The international charity Oxfam asked him to work with poverty-stricken weaving villages in India and Guatemala, to advise on designs that would be more marketable in the West. As a result, a range of colourful hand woven fabrics have been produced for use as shirt fabric, bed throws and patchwork fabric. Other charity work has also taken him to South Africa…. His excitement for all his chosen crafts shines through and his company is exhilarating and exciting for knitters and non knitters alike.


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