Christian parenting advice for toddlers

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christian parenting advice for toddlers

Boundaries with Kids: When to Say Yes, When to Say No to Help Your Children Gain Control of Their Lives by Henry Cloud

Ive been struggling with my 8-year-old. Hes very independent which often translates to bossy. If he doesnt get what he wants he will have a tantrum. He likes to argue.

Things I liked in this book . . . .

You and your child each have a different job. Your childs job is to test your resolve, so he can learn about reality. A parents job is to withstand the test, including anger, pouting, tantrums and much more.

Consequences transfer the need to be responsible from the parent to the child.

The focus of learning consequences needs to be that the child understands that the problem is himself, not an enraged parent.

Teach your child that when they have a problem they should first examine themselves to see what they might have done to contribute to the problem.

The child who is never frustrated never develops frustration toleration. You are teaching him that he is entitled to always be happy and that all he has to go do get others to do what he wants is to cry about it.

A child needs to understand that the solution and the answer to his problems always begins not with someone else, but with him.
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Parenting Tips for Toddlers: 5 Essential Rules for Communicating With Young Children

40, Reasons to Parent Your Child's Thoughts. ByJanet DenisonOn February 6, Articles · A Time To Rest (Said No Parent Ever). ByCynthia YanofOn.
Henry Cloud

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Remnants of lunch smeared across her pants, she totes a toddler on one hip and a diaper bag big enough for a family of Possibly the most physically exhausting job there is. I remember well those early parenting days. My first two babies were 13 months apart. Many days, I thought I would die. It was hard. Even though I was so graciously blessed with the privilege of having those sweet little tots, it was plain hard.

My children are so strong-willed. I am frustrated. They are frustrated. These are honest emotions from a very normal mother. Husbands and wives need to agree on a discipline philosophy , otherwise you will confuse the child and the child will learn especially later how to play one parent against the other. It must be consistent.

What is Christian parenting? The Bible contains lots of guidelines and even commands for parents, teaching them how to parent their children in a God-honoring way. Building a strong, loving relationship with our children is the first and most important step in Christian way of parenting. Christian parenting also means being firm and teaching our children obedience even when it is uncomfortable. The Bible tells children to obey parents and commands all of us to submit to appropriate authorities.

Crave advice from an experienced mom? I give the best advice I learned in parenting my five children into adulthood.
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Toddlers learn to control before they learn to communicate. -



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