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revenge of the nerds room for rent

The Rapture of the Nerds by Cory Doctorow

Welcome to the fractured future, at the dusk of the twenty-first century.

Earth has a population of roughly a billion hominids. For the most part, they are happy with their lot, living in a preserve at the bottom of a gravity well. Those who are unhappy have emigrated, joining one or another of the swarming densethinker clades that fog the inner solar system with a dust of molecular machinery so thick that it obscures the sun.

The splintery metaconsciousness of the solar-system has largely sworn off its pre-post-human cousins dirtside, but its minds sometimes wander...and when that happens, it casually spams Earths networks with plans for cataclysmically disruptive technologies that emulsify whole industries, cultures, and spiritual systems. A sane species would ignore these get-evolved-quick schemes, but theres always someone wholl take a bite from the forbidden apple.

So until the overminds bore of stirring Earths anthill, theres Tech Jury Service: random humans, selected arbitrarily, charged with assessing dozens of new inventions and ruling on whether to let them loose. Young Huw, a technophobic, misanthropic Welshman, has been selected for the latest jury, a task he does his best to perform despite an itchy technovirus, the apathy of the proletariat, and a couple of truly awful moments on bathroom floors.
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The Revenge Of The Nerds - Room For Rent

Revenge Of The Nerds (1984) - Clip #17 - Nerd Party

Gilbert, you better get up. They're here. Sure, I'm sure. Mom, you remember the first time you left home? And I was just as scared as you are. I'm not scared, really.

What passed for collegiate underdog hijinks in goes by different terms today — like rape, unlawful surveillance, and revenge porn. Because they just handed out compromising pictures of a young woman to an entire college campus. And how did they get such a picture? Like pimpled, perverted Hans Grubers, our enterprising heroes led a daring panty raid on her sorority as a clever distraction from the cameras they were also installing in the house. Then, they spend what must be at least 12 hours lying around their frat, watching the nubile coeds do all the things college movies like this think they do.

Do you have any more pix? I think I might find you hot. Crumley showed up, but in disguise—sunglasses, a baseball cap—packing a video camera and snapping surreptitious candids, then trailing her as she left the restaurant for the subway. Just an innocent bystander. So pedestrian. Nothing like the tragic hero I feel as I trudge through each day.

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Sign in. Takashi : I think I've got a frush. Booger : What the fuck's a frush? Takashi : Oh, thank you. Lamar : I do!

Revenge of the Nerds is no masterpiece, but it is perhaps the best example of the adolescent titty movies that were popular in the early '80s. Mixing the ingredients of 's National Lampoon's Animal House which more or less proved the bankability of slob vs. Louis Robert Carradine and Gilbert Anthony Edwards are our two leading-men nerds, who enroll at Adams College to study computer science. But when the Alpha Beta frat-boys a group who doubles as the Adams U. Eventually the only people left in the gym because they can't get into a frat or get anyone to rent them a room, for that matter is an assortment of nerds, including Lewis, Gilbert, the slovenly Booger Curtis Armstrong , ultra-geek violinist Poindexter Timothy Busfield , year old math prodigy Wormser Andrew Cassese , Japanese exchange student Takashi Brian Tochi , and the very gay Lamar Larry B. Eventually the nerds find a house to fix up, and then they manage to establish themselves as the Adams U. But the Alpha Betas hate nerds, and always will.

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