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nobody died at sandy hook james fetzer

NOT A BOOK: Nobody Died at Sandy Hook by NOT A BOOK

Well, this book does prove one thing - ladies and gentlemen, we are living in the midst of a crisis. But no, its not faked school shootings with some hidden agenda. No, its not that Elvis Presley is still alive and 9/11 is an inside job and Queen Elizabeth is the reptilian overlord of the Illuminati and PizzaGate or some-such other X-Files esque group...

Our societal crisis is paranoia, and in terms of tragic events where little kids are killed and parents are grieving, in the wrong hands paranoia is a tool as sharp and dangerous as a knife. Now, Im not saying I dont believe in free speech. Good for Fetzer if he wants to write about his Sandy Hook beliefs and publish it. And to be fair Nobody Died at Sandy Hook does raise some good points about the way we investigate these types of mass shootings. Unfortunately anything which could be legit or worth dwelling on is buried in a sea of ramblings and weird notions that make no sense, moreover if it were indeed true, it would be a hugely counterproductive move, to say the least. But hey, in an age of alternative facts, thats okay - cmon, dont you know the Holocaust is a hoax too, and the moon landing was staged? Dont you know Jonestown was secretly an MK Ultra experiment? Dont you know that being a philosopher doesnt qualify you to be an expert on a mass murder?

When you drill it down, who suffers the most isnt any of us bystanders, nor even the memories of the children who were killed that day. Who suffers the most is their parents who have to endure the pain of losing a child, and future classrooms of children who wont know what to believe or who to trust anymore. We live in very ugly times these days. Maybe you can find something positive in this book that way? That it highlights the mindset of some of those who walk among us and obsess over these kinds of things so we can avoid them? But why care about the parents of these poor kids? Theyre all hired actors right? Give me a break. I apologize if Im ranting but these types of things really annoy me, because its not been the worst of it.
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Why Sandy Hook Father Lenny Pozner Has Received Death Threats - NowThis

James Henry Fetzer born December 6, is an emeritus professor of the philosophy of science at the University of Minnesota Duluth and a conspiracy theorist.

Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting conspiracy theories

Leonard Pozner wins lawsuit against book authors who claimed the school shooting that killed his son never happened. The father of a victim of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre has won a defamation lawsuit in the United States state of Connecticut against the authors of a book that claimed the shooting never happened. The ruling was separate from the settlement between the book's publisher and Leonard "Lenny" Pozner - father of six-year-old Noah who was killed in the December 14, , school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. Pozner has been pushing back for years against hoaxers who have harassed him, subjected him to death threats and claimed that he was an actor and his son never existed. He has spent years getting Facebook and others to remove conspiracy videos and set up a website to debunk conspiracy theories.

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The perpetrator, Adam Lanza, fatally shot his mother before murdering 20 students and six staff members at Sandy Hook Elementary School , and later committing suicide. Various conspiracy theorists have claimed, for example, that the massacre was actually orchestrated by the U. No evidence supports the conspiracy theories, which make a number of implausible claims. Some conspiracy theories have alleged that the shooting was a hoax [13] and a false flag operation staged by the United States government. Lawyer and dentist Orly Taitz —best known for her promotion of Barack Obama citizenship "birther" conspiracy theories —was quoted as asking "Was Adam Lanza drugged and hypnotized by his handlers to make him into a killing machine as an excuse as the regime is itching to take all means of self defense from the populace before the economic collapse?

'Doesn't have the right to use my baby's face'

Several years ago a small publishing house called Moon Rock Books published a page volume that argued the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre had never happened. In a dozen chapters, the book professed, among other things, that the school in Newtown, Conn. The Federal Emergency Management Agency, it claimed, had staged the event to promote gun control measures. On Monday, Mr. Pozner said in an interview on Tuesday.

Shortly after, though, the publisher, Dave Gahary, auctioned off some of the last copies of the book with starting bids at more than twice the normal price. Pozner is the lead plaintiff in at least nine other defamation cases against Sandy Hook hoaxers, according to CBS. Moon Rock Books publishes conspiracy titles claiming several mass casualty events, including the Parkland shootings and the Boston Marathon bombings, were all false flags. A judge in Wisconsin issued a summary judgment against Fetzer and Palecek in mid-June; at the same time, in a settlement agreement that remains partially confidential, Gahary agreed to stop selling Nobody Died at Sandy Hook after June But Pozner did, and Gahary was in the room to watch his deposition. In the process, he says, something changed for him. Gahary and Pozner and their lawyers ultimately came to an agreement that Moon Rock Books would stop selling the books on June 30; both sides say that other settlement terms remain confidential.

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