Encouraging words for job seekers

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encouraging words for job seekers

Job Search Quotes (74 quotes)

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Published 22.03.2019

UConn Job Seekers: A Motivational Video

Are you in the middle of a job search? If you're a job seeker, here are some words to live by. These inspirational and motivational quotes were.

The Best Motivational Quotes for Job Seekers

Sally is a business communications coach who gives workshops on how to keep your professional reputation squeaky clean and drama-free. If you're on the hunt for a new job, let these motivational quotes and words of wisdom lift you up along the way. Laugh at yourself. Everyone has a weaknesssomething that no matter how hard they try to do that one thing, it always ends up being a disaster. So instead of trying to deny your weaknesses, just admit that you are human, have a good laugh at yourself and then move on.

Are you in the middle of a job search? These inspirational and motivational quotes were once spoken by presidents, philosophers, actors, surfers, generals, musicians, entrepreneurs, authors, athletes, leaders, and even Chuck Norris. Hopefully their snippets of wise wisdom will serve to help you focus your job search, find motivation, take a leap of faith, reassess your failures, evaluate your own successes, or just smile. Pick one quote a day or read them all right now. These are words to live by. Which quote is your favorite? Remember these quotes during your job search.


Could you use a little encouragement as you are looking for a job or contemplating a career change? I think that we could all use that from time to time… To that end, I put together a list of twenty quotations that you may find helpful. My hope is that reading them will remind you that it is only a matter of time before you will find the job that you are looking for and that if the process is taking longer than you would like, please keep on looking and refreshing your skills, you will get there! An important key to self-confidence is preparation. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent.

Have you at any point perused or heard a renowned saying or quote that just hits home, made you think or changed the way you consider something? These words can be capable and can persuade or motivate us, however ordinarily these sentiments are fleeting as we overlook these quotes for job seekers. They could propel us and keep our spirits up when we land rejected for a position; and compliment us when we catch that meeting or, surprisingly better, get that fantasy work. There are numerous awesome job seekers quotes from a few well known and not really acclaimed individuals that can rouse us to be in whatever we do. Work seeking can be diligent work and it can be a test to remain roused. Here are some motivational quotes for finding a job.

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