Used chinese junk boats for sale

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used chinese junk boats for sale

The Mystery of the Chinese Junk by Franklin W. Dixon

During summer break, the Hardy Boys, Frank and Joe buy an old Chinese boat with their friends Biff, Chet, Tony and Jim Foy. As the Chinese watercraft was for sale in New York City, the boys run into some trouble after purchasing it. The teenagers needed a summer job to bring passengers to Rocky Isle. But, a man named Clams Dagget who is already running a ferry service of his own, tries to stop them. But the Hardys are tougher than that, as they continue to run their ferry service.
The setting takes place on the water in Bayport and if it didn’t, the story wouldn’t make any sense. If the boys had the boat on land, the whole story would be out of order. Time and time again, mysterious people keep wanting the boat, but the Hardys’ don’t understand why. Soon they find out that there are hidden treasures in the boat and the Chinese men want it. The title, “Mystery of the Chinese Junk” impacts the reader’s understanding because no one would have wanted to buy a piece of junk like that, but it was actually very valuable. The value of the boat is what throws the reader off when the title says, “ Chinese Junk.”
The point of view of the book is told in third person. This is the best perspective that impacts the reader because you can see the thoughts and feelings of each and every character. For example on page 91, “ The Hardys were more mystified than ever. Also, they were tempted by chance to realize a large profit.” This shows how both the Hardys feel about the price offered to them for the boat. Where in first person point of view, you wouldn’t be able to see all of the characters thoughts and reactions.
Throughout the book, the mood is mysterious. There are many clues given that hint to later on in the book showing foreshadowing. For example, “ Something very important is missing, he said. Our junk has no short wave radio, and we might need one to get in touch with the coastguard.” This sentence shows how the Hardy’s are missing something important, but it may affect them later on if they don’t have it. These mini clues that are being given out create a mood of mysteriousness and anxiety that keeps you wanting to read.
I would recommend this book to any age group because there is nothing violent and everybody can enjoy a good mystery book. This book is a great book to read because it shows how even a piece of junk like that boat the Hardy’s purchased can turn into a mystery. As the Hardys keep getting confronted by strangers on wanting to purchase the boat, you will find out what will happen in yet another great Hardy Boys mystery.
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[UNAVAILABLE] Used 1959 Chinese Junk Hong Kong Junk in Sausalito, California

Selling Sell my Boat. Remember Me.
Franklin W. Dixon

1962 34' Chinese Junk 34 For Sale

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There are few better ways to see Hong Kong than from one of its red-sail Aqua Luna boats. Cruising around the harbour and taking in the sights is a wonderfully relaxing way to see the city. Fortunately, there are a variety of harbour tours and cruises that make it a worthwhile activity during the day or in the evenings when the city is illuminated. The modern Aqua Luna is based on ancient Chinese sailing ships, known as junks, that were first used as seagoing vessels during the Song Dynasty — They soon evolved and were used throughout Asia for extensive ocean voyages.

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Chinese Junk

General Description Thomas E. She has a 5' Draft, and dual integral keel cooling. There is lots of headroom for a six-footer. This is a big, stable, tough, easily maintained, operator-friendly boat with a great deck layout, and a capacity to cruise anywhere in the world. Design anticipates easy crewing by a couple, and single-handed under sail or power is a viable option. Actual Condition It is reported, due to health reasons, the owner has suspended the project. All major steel construction has been completed, including grinding of all hull welds.

Junks varied quite a bit in size and mission, from the many small, single-masted craft that plied the tens of thousands of miles of Chinese rivers to larger, multi-masted ships that sailed to far-off lands or were armed for naval use. Set out on a restored Hong Kong-built Chinese junk boat and cruise out into the harbor. A junk is a type of ancient Chinese sailing ship that is still in use today. Enjoy snacks on daytime cruises and dinner on nighttime cruises. Years ago I met a man who had a yacht custom made in Hong Kong: it was a classic chinese "junk" rig, and he claimed that it was the easiest bost in the world to sail.

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