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tales from the crypt food for thought

Tales from the Crypt #6: You Tomb by Fred Van Lente

What could possibly be better than the latest collection of fear-filled tales and his fellow GhouLunatics, the Old Witch, and the Vault-Keeper? Well, how about more stories than ever? Thats what you get when you combine the thrills and chills of TALES FROM THE CRYPT with the short and funny style of online videos. Its called You-Tomb, and it packs even more monsters, psychos, vampires, werewolves, and zombies into the pages of TALES FROM THE CRYPT than ever before!
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Food for Thought

Dec 1, Tales From the Crypt's visits to the carny have not been very successful for me. From Lower Berth to Dig that Cat, they just fall flat. Maybe that's.
Fred Van Lente

Food for Thought

RSS Feed. Doing just enough to get by may work for some people, but there are others that are quite the opposite. They want to do more, to be better than everyone else, and their drive never subsides, especially when they have proven themselves to be the best. Just be the best at what you do and all of your worries will go away, as you become, as they say, indispensable. The Great Zambini is trying to take his act to the next level and with his assistant's help, it will happen sooner than later. But no matter how hard Connie concentrates, Zambini is not able to get a read on what she is really thinking. Seeing that he is getting frustrated with her, Connie tries to leave, but Zambini is able to get inside of her head and convince her to stay and give him his favorite dessert before bed.

Problems occur when Johnny John Laughlin —a handsome fire eater—and Connie grow enamored of each other, provoking the wrath of Zambini. By introducing carnival tropes i. This offering should, however, be criticized for its cheesy gore effects and lack of suspense leading into the climactic scene. Having portrayed Zambini as a menacing villain, Ernie Hudson deserves praise for his performance. Despite engaging in adulterous activity, Johnny and Connie display a variety of kind and gentle characteristics that, at least on a surface level, serve to evoke sympathy from the audience—much in contrast to the other carnival performers especially Emmet the dwarf , the sleazy antics of whom can only be described as offensive. Series enthusiasts may nevertheless enjoy this entry, which, though occasionally absurd, is made watchable by the presence of Hudson—a talented character actor known for Ghostbusters and The Crow.

From Lower Berth to Dig that Cat , they just fall flat. Or maybe I am uncharacteristically on the fence over the exploitation of people who are different. The market has spoken. Zambini is yelling at Connie to let him into her mind for a little light reading. She can read his mind, but he wants to liven up the act.

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A carnival psychic and part-time cook named Zambini Ernie Hudson goes off the deep jealous end when he soon finds out that his wife and assistant Joan Chen is in love with the show's fire-eater John Laughlin. At the carnival, Zambini is cooking a meal for he and his wife Connie, when he tells her to concentrate so he can read her thoughts. She complains she is tired and asks if it isn't enough for him that she can read his. Her mind is a "morsel" that he craves, to which she replies everything is food to him. He makes guesses to what she's thinking about, and is denied. He tells her she needs to teach him how to read her mind like she does his. She storms away, only to be stopped by Zambini's inner thoughts.

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  1. Directed by Rodman Flender. With Ernie Hudson, Joan Chen, John Laughlin, Phil Fondacaro. A psychic clown and part-time cook who abuses his assistant and.

  2. "A domineering carny mind reader can taste his lovely assistants thoughts but he'll have death for dessert." -- DVD description for the episode.

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