Are hamsters good pets for 12 year olds

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are hamsters good pets for 12 year olds

The Great Hamster Massacre by Katie Davies

This is a story about me, and Tom, and our investigation into the Hamster Massacre. Im supposed to be writing my What-I-Did-In-The-Summre-Holidays story for school, but Im going to write this story first...

Anna and het brother, Tom, have always wanted a pet. After their latest pestering campaign Mum finally gives in and lets them choose a pair of hamsters from the local pet shop. But their happiness soon turns to horror when they discover the hamsters mysteriously slaughtered in their cage. Anna and Tom begin an investigation into the hamster homicides. Can they solve the case of the Great Hamster Massacre?
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Is a hamster the right pet for you?

He had the requisite wheel, toys, bedding, etc. I thought it was because he delighted in freaking out my mother. He'd escape at night, make his way to her bedroom, climb up the bed and sit on her chest until she woke with a start. The fact that hamsters are nocturnal and need opportunities to burrow and climb were just two of things we didn't know about Hammy, who apparently made his own fun when we fell short of providing it. My "rowdy" little brothers were not allowed to hold my bright-eyed Hammy, which was wise on Mom's part because hamsters are fragile. Like my mom, a lot of people think these adorable little animals make great starter pets for small children, but experts advise against it. They're also good at escaping, and little kids drop them or let them go, and they get lost.

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The Worst Pets for Kids

A hamster is a classic. They are cute and relatively low maintenance, and are generally thought of as great starter pets for kids. As with any type of pet, it is important to do thorough research before diving in. There is nothing worse than getting a pet and then soon realizing that it is not a good fit. This is especially true when kids are involved. When considering bringing a hamster or any other type of pet into the family, I feel that there are three main areas that need to be considered: cost, care, and reward.

My daughter has wanted a pet since she was just a toddler. We're now ready to let her get one, but the rules are that she has to take care of it herself. Is a hamster a good beginner pet for a kid? How hard are they to take care of? I know. Ewww but how about a rat?

Post good photos of your pet or quick tips on pet care. Kids have always been fascinated by pets, especially the cute, furry ones and hamsters fit the bill perfectly. Even the parents agree to their kids' choice, as these animals are tiny and cute. For the parents, the advantage of keeping hamsters is that these animals being tiny, require less space. They are also believed to be non-aggressive.

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