Good book of mormon stories

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good book of mormon stories

Book of Mormon Stories by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

I love this book for teaching my children the stories from the Book of Mormon. I just finished it with my 5 year old. She was able to follow the story and keep track of the different groups of people and the battles. The pictures are great. It is a great summary of the book. My 9 year old liked hearing it again also.

I feel like my girls have a better understanding of how the record of these ancient people in America relate to Joseph Smith and our church, and how the gospel principles are the same for us as they were for people at the time of Christ. They also saw how Gods hand was in the lives of these people. They noticed that God can see the end from the beginning and that he leads people to accomplish is plans. They both said they felt good when we read and they would always beg for another chapter.

I should also say that it was helpful for me too in getting all the different groups straight.
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A Book of Mormon Story

The Little Mormons book series is a fun way to help your children learn the language and principles of the gospel through Book of Mormon stories told in rhyme with colorful illustrations. Animal characters and rhyming diction help to keep young children interested while introducing real scriptural terms. Supplement your family study of the Book of Mormon with Little Mormons today!
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

How Buzzfeed Would Report Book of Mormon Stories Today

February 15, by FHElessons. You can find the links at the very end of this article. Recently my son left on a mission. The process of getting him ready has been an emotional journey for me. Anyway, a few days before he was scheduled to leave the MTC, I received a phone call from his branch president there. My heart dropped into my stomach as I worried that something bad must have happened for me to be receiving a phone call from the MTC. My son had tried to purchase a book of summaries of stories from the Book of Mormon for them, but the only book he could find was very shallow and not what he was looking for.

I am sad to write this review. I wanted to like this book. I bought it to help my daughter grow to love The Book of Mormon as I do, and to give her an understanding of what The Book of Morrmon teaches. The main message of this adaptation is "be kind to people". That's great and all, but The Book of Mormon is Another Testament of Jesus Christ, and this children's book does nothing to testify of Christ, other than a mention near the end of his crucifixion and resurrection. The first I noticed the lack of Jesus is in the page on Enos where it says Enos asked for forgiveness of his sins, but we are never told that he received forgiveness and that the forgiveness comes through his faith in Christ.

title page, Title Page, i–ii. Introduction, 1. Chapter 1, Chapter 1: How We Got the Book of Mormon, 2–4, Listen. download. close.
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President Monson’s Testimony of the Book of Mormon

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Humor Fun Mormon Life. We all love our Book of Mormon heroes, which got us thinking, how would Buzzfeed or any large website report the major Book of Mormon stories if they were happening today? Below we've included a few pretty good guesses. Why are we here on earth? And where do we go after we die?

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