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science fiction book club books

Sci Fi Book Lists

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Science Fiction Books

Science Fiction Book Club

Lots of avid readers take part in book clubs, myself included—in fact, I moderate two different book clubs every month. I spend a lot of time carefully choosing sci-fi, fantasy, and graphic novels that club members will have a great time discussing, but not every book club chooses that way. Set on a planet populated with ambisexual humans, The Left Hand of Darkness explores themes of gender and balance. Another excellent suggestion for more reluctant book clubs is the novel that founded the science fiction genre as we know it. Frankenstein ; or, The Modern Prometheus explores themes of isolation, prejudice, and a hubristic desire to play god, which are pretty evergreen as themes go. A landmark of Romantic and Gothic fiction, Frankenstein is a solid sci-fi classic, even two hundred years later. This post-apocalyptic journey explores the survival of human culture in the aftermath of a devastating disease by following a traveling troupe of actors in the Great Lakes region.

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When a man discovers that an old friend has been murdered, his investigation threatens to uncover the dark underbelly of the corporation that rules this near-future England. While devoting himself to studying the atmospheric occurrence called ball lightning—which struck and killed his parents—Chen meets the beautiful but ruthless Lin Yun, an army major whose devotion to creating strange new weapons matches his own obsessive quest. The late Dozois commissioned original stories from the best in modern sword-and-sorcery tales, resulting in this fabulous, varied sampler of writers who know the long and short of epic fantasy. Bantam, Click to Read an Excerpt. Saga, In a starless world, a young man and a princess—born at the exact same time—journey through killer vegetation, across an ocean, and into a volcano with a diverse corps of individuals, including intelligent giant sea wyrms.

Which science fiction book should our book club read next? The book club founded in is all about the future of education and technology. We read all kinds of nonfiction — the future of universities , sociology , education theory and practice , media history , higher education , economics , technology , financial aid — and also turn to science fiction as it imagines possible futures. Plus, science fiction can be fun. In these stories future worlds are reshaped by nanotechnology, plagues, conspiracies, economics, wars, and satire, for starters. Scroll past it to see the full, annotated, alphabetical-by-author list of every title.

The future is now, so obviously you and all of your book-nerdy friends should be reading science fiction. If a book like I, Robot or Dune is a hard sell for your circle, don't worry. I've got 15 sci-fi novels for your book club. Even if your book club reads science fiction on a regular basis, these books will come in handy whenever you need to ease a new member into futuristic reading. Hard sci-fi can be great, if that's what you're into, but it's also the reason why so many folks out there believe that they just aren't science-fiction people, and balk at the idea of reading a sci-fi novel. There's also a particularly toxic strain of sci-fi gatekeepers who like to frame their anti-diversity arguments as a matter of "hard" vs.

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  1. I've got 15 sci-fi novels for your book club. Even if your book club reads science fiction on a regular basis, these books will come in handy.

  2. Looking to introduce your book club to some awesome science fiction? With tons of positive reviews, this list of the best sci fi books for book.

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