Things fall apart district commissioner book

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things fall apart district commissioner book

Quote by Chinua Achebe (Author): “The Commissioner went away, taking three or fou...”

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Things fall apart

Things Fall Apart Teacher’s Guide

After their release, the prisoners return to the village with such brooding looks that the women and children from the village are afraid to greet them. The whole village is overcome with a tense and unnatural silence. Ezinma takes Okonkwo some food, and she and Obierika notice the whip marks on his back. The village crier announces another meeting for the following morning, and the clan is filled with a sense of foreboding. At sunrise, the villagers gather. Okonkwo has slept very little out of excitement and anticipation.

Share: Share on Facebook. Add to Cart. But it offers far more than access to pre-colonial Nigeria and the cataclysmic changes brought about by the British. Chinua Achebe is the ideal teller of this story, born in Nigeria in and growing up in the Igbo town of Ogidi. He spoke Igbo at home and studied English in school, imbibing the dual culture.

The book's final confrontation between the District Commissioner and the Umuofians is almost anticlimactic. It serves to demonstrate once more the deep cultural.
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Things Fall Apart

One of the most infuriating habits of these people was their love of superfluous words, he thought. Unlock explanations and citation info for this and every other Things Fall Apart quote. -




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  1. Published in , its story chronicles pre-colonial life in the south-eastern part of Nigeria and the arrival of the Europeans during the late nineteenth century.

  2. Following the killing of the messenger, the District Commissioner goes to Okonkwo's compound and, finding a small crowd, demands to see Okonkwo.

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