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book of mormon dallas reviews

The Book of a Mormon: The Real Life and Strange Times of an LDS Missionary by Scott D. Miller

One day I was surfing the sunny shores of Southern California. The next, I was marching in lockstep through the dark, snow-strewn streets of Sweden. Clad in an ill-fitting cheap blue suit—a Book of Mormon in my pocket—I was tasked with nothing less than saving the country of godless fornicators from certain moral destruction.

Youve seen us. We are impossible to miss. We are iconic, and now even celebrated in a nine times over, Tony Awarding winning Broadway musical, The Book of Mormon. Most are boys, some girls. We always travel in pairs. Impeccably groomed, always smiling and polite, you can’t mistake us for anyone else. And, if you havent met us already, we will soon be coming to knock on a door near you.

I know. I was one of them. This is my story. Although raised in the LDS faith, nothing could have prepared me for what I experienced. My world was turned upside down. Nothing was as I expected: the country, the work, my fellow missionaries, and most of all, the Church. Had I not gone through the experience myself, I honestly would not believe a word of what follows. And yet, it’s true. Every last bit.
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Hilarious performance! My boyfriend bought me front row seats for my birthday it was my first Broadway show and wanted to make it feel special. I was crying I was laughing so hard. The writing is vulgar just like South Park. You also have to watch the actors in the background, they do some funny things, too!

When Book of Mormon first started to tour they did a few weeks in Denver and I actually saw it there a couple years ago. I thoroughly enjoyed it and wanted to experience it again, so on a recent trip to Chicago we got tickets. I have to say it was as funny as I remember. It does have some crude and borderline jokes, but it is the South Park guys, you kind of know what you are getting going in. I absolutely love the soundtrack for BOM and have it on my iPhone.

To say that this show was hilarious would not give it the laud it deserves. Although shockingly crass and inappropriate at times, the comedy was genius and the vocal talent was off the chart. A wonderfully entertaing musical that is simultaneously satirically profane and truly hilarious, with complex and dead-on choreography to go with the various "digs" at the Mormon belief system. Don'tcha dare miss it - but what's perhaps as funny While the actors and actresses were very high caliber, I felt that there was a lot of gratuitous sexual innuendos, foul language, and in general making fun of Christianity. I was not prepared for that.

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The nine-time Tony Award-winning, highly irreverent musical brings its laughs, shocks, and cheer for two short runs in North Texas. After a spending a week in January at Bass Hall, the production takes a quick stop at Fair Park before skipping off to its next destination. South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone teamed up with Avenue Q co-creator Robert Lopez also composer for Frozen and other Disney favorites for the book, music, and lyrics which culminated in a highly popular and profitable show. Casey Nicholaw Something Rotten, Aladdin choreographs and co-directs with Parker, and Stephen Oremus provides musical direction and orchestrations. Andrew Graham conducts the touring orchestra, which delivers a loud rock-concert mood for many of the songs.

Gibbs and Strand are the perfect odd couple—especially when compared to the lineup of background Mormon twosomes who look like they all popped out of the same mold—and they use that to great advantage. Thanks to his utter commitment to the role and his solid comedic timing, the audience eats up every silly moment. The supporting cast is equally strong. The ensemble is truly the backbone of this show, adding much in the small moments to flesh out the story and give it life. Possibly the best part of the show , other than its surprisingly catchy music, is the wonderful choreography by co-director Nicholaw. Photo: Joan Marcus. Click or Swipe to close.

Since then, it won the Best Musical Tony award, along with pretty much every other prestigious theatre award it could have earned. They sell standing room only tickets In addition, they have a long-running production in London's West End, as well as the national tour. Currently visiting the Dallas-Fort Worth area for the fourth time in just over two years, this musical is still hitting record sales and packing them in at the Winspear Opera House. The Utah boys are very much out of their comfort zone, but do their best to spread their message in this community filled with disease, anger towards God, and fear of the local warlords who kill and maim for fun. They are supported by a cadre of other missionaries, helmed by their district leader, Elder McKinley Daxton Bloomquist.

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