Best data visualization books 2018

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best data visualization books 2018

Popular Data Visualization Books

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Published 13.02.2019

The best stats you've ever seen - Hans Rosling

47 Top Data Visualization Books

And graphical techniques that can be applied to powerful visual analysis tools that can dramatically extend your analytical reach. The Big Book of Dashboards is the only book that matches great dashboards with real-world business scenarios. In this book, Alberto Cairo—the respected data visualization professor explains in clear terms how to work with data, discover the stories hidden within, and share those stories with the world in the form of charts, maps, and infographics. He transforms fundamental principles of data and scientific reasoning into tools that you can use in daily life to interpret data sets and extract stories from them. When designed well, dashboards attract the power of visual perception to convey a huge collection of information efficiently. And visual design skills that address the unique challenges of dashboards are not natural but rather learned.

Tableau & Google Sheets Checklist

At the end of every year, culture critics get to compile best of the year lists of films, music and books. At Quartz, we think data visualization deserves similar reflection.

Are you looking for a great spring read that is also inspiring and educational? We have just the thing! Volume III is currently available. All components of map making are covered: titles, labels, legends, visual hierarchy, font selection, data organization, and more. This collection includes unique graphics, illustrations, and fun statistics. Wilford shows the impact of new technologies that make it possible for cartographers to go where no one has been before. As the cholera outbreak takes hold, a physician and a local curate are spurred to action-and ultimately solve the most pressing medical riddle of their time.

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  1. Visualizing data is still the most effective way to communicate your facts and figures. Stay ahead with our list of best data visualization books.

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