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a new angle magic book

A New Angle by Ryan Plunkett

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Published 12.02.2019

A New Angle by Ryan Plunkett

Magic Review: A New Angle (book) by Ryan Plunkett & Michael Feldman

RSS Feed. Michael Feldman left and Ryan Plunkett. Buy out of print books and more at herbsmagic. The book takes the deck deeply into a realm of previously unexplored ideas. For example it outlines a new principle that allows for a series of surreal effects in which the condition of the deck visually transforms as it is being handled. The book also shows how the deck can add dimension to classic effects like Triumph and the Color Changing Deck , and includes many other intriguing tricks and tips.

Note ye ed's email address: stevebryant99 gmail. Mac returns to Louisville. July It's been a busier summer so far than I had planned. I'm sorry that I have to skip it this year but wish Stan the best gathering yet. I miss the magazine and still regret that we didn't get to see Legacy.

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Many of the effects are all three of the above. By combining subtleties, sleight of hand and new ideas with this nearly forgotten tool that every serious magician already owns, Ryan and Michael will show you how to unlock mind-blowing effects you never thought possible. They invite you to work through the material proposed and search for your own angle in other overlooked places. What is in the book? It can hide any number of cards in the deck, up to and maybe even beyond half the deck. It can give you control over a selected block, create a break for you, simulate other gimmicked cards, unshuffle the deck, offer you a glimpse of the card, and much more. Trust me.

Tom goes deep and talks about something that I think a lot of people are missing; Passing it on, and taking care of those around you. Make sure you give it a watch and have a think about who you would do it for, and who has done it for you to get you to where you are now. No release date yet, maybe an early release? PDF copies are also available. Drop him a line and tell him Larry sent ya! Mahalo, Tom!

Ring members and friends: Join your friends in magic on April 11, , at p. Here's the agenda for the meeting: p. The routine is available in Michael's book "The Opposite of People," and you can also purchase a video download of the routine from Art of Magic. If you have anything you'd like to share with other members, please bring it! After the raffle, we'll have a regular night of open performances.

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