Jaycee lee dugard freedom my book of firsts

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jaycee lee dugard freedom my book of firsts

Freedom: My Book of Firsts by Jaycee Dugard

I feel so bad giving Freedom only two stars, but I just cant help it. I read A Stolen Life a few years ago and remember being awed by Jaycee and her resilience as well as being heartbroken for everything she had been through. With Freedom, I didnt feel much, mainly because theres not much depth involved in this book like in the other one.

I get that this book is Jaycees book of firsts, but I just thought that this would be more engaging. But there wasnt much here. She writes about her animals, she writes about her first hangover, her first speeding ticket. Most of this book is filled with mundane things such as this. I guess I was expecting more about her life with her family. Not with her daughters, mind you, as I completely get her decision to keep their lives private, but I wouldve liked to hear more about her interactions with her mom and her sister.

The one thing that I just couldnt get over in Freedom was the writing. Now I get that given everything that Jaycee has been through, this book wasnt going to be fabulously written (seeing as how she didnt get a chance to finish her schooling). But there were tons of clunky sentences that I had to read over in order to fully grasp their meaning. This book should have had an editor that was willing to keep the meaning of what Jaycee was trying to say in tact while making sure that the sentences flowed more smoothly.

In the end, I wasnt that wowed by Freedom the way I was with A Stolen Life. I completely admire Jaycee and am glad that she seems to be doing so well. That knowledge is enough for me, so chances are if she writes another book, I probably wont check it out.
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Stunning Moments From Diane Sawyer's Interview With Jaycee Dugard

Jaycee Lee Dugard was kidnapped at age 11 and held captive for 18 years.
Jaycee Dugard

Jaycee Dugard: I don't 'wallow in self pity'

I will never cease to be fascinated by Jaycee Dugard and will be in a forever state of awe at what she went through and how she managed to come out somewhat clean on the other side. For those who are unfamiliar with her, she is one of the most famous kidnap survivors. She was taken by Phillip and Nancy Garrido, a registered sex offender and his wife, and was held captive in their backyard for more than 18 years, during which she bore two children with the man. It was a girl my age, and she was from a few cities away from me. Her picture was everywhere, and the story was spread all over our area. No reliable leads were ever found, but every year on the anniversary of her disappearance, there was something about her on our local newscast. In December , I heard word that they found her remains deep in a forest, and they had been there so long that very little forensic evidence could be taken from them.

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The memoir tells the story of the 18 years she spent in captivity in an unincorporated area in Contra Costa County , California. The book reached number 1 on Amazon's sales rankings a day before release [1] and topped The New York Times Best Seller list hardcover nonfiction for six weeks after release. In , Jaycee Dugard was kidnapped near South Lake Tahoe, California , while she was walking from home to the school bus stop. Despite sustained investigation, Dugard was not found until eighteen years after the abduction. A Stolen Life is the story of Dugard's year ordeal and was written as part of her therapy with Rebecca Bailey, who specializes in post-trauma family reunification.

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  1. Freedom book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. In the follow-up to her #1 bestselling memoir, A Stolen Life, Jaycee Dugar.

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