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indian history book in bengali

Hickys Bengal Gazette: The Untold Story of Indias First Newspaper by Andrew Otis

Late eighteenth century Calcutta.

The British are well-ensconced in Bengal, but not yet an empire. Indian princes pose a danger to the East India Company’s plans of commerce and domination. Warren Hastings, the British governor-general, is attempting to consolidate his power in the Company.

Johann Zacharias Kiernander is on a mission to convert heathen souls in a land far from his native Sweden though he is not averse to lining his pockets while doing ‘God’s work’.

Into this steaming cauldron of skullduggery and intrigue walks James Augustus Hicky, a wild Irishman seeking fame and fortune. Sensing an opportunity, he decides to establish a newspaper, the first of its kind in South Asia. In two short years, his endeavour threatens to lay bare the murky underside of the early British empire. Does it succeed?

This is the story of the forces Hicky came up against, the corrupt authorities determined to stop him and of his resourcefulness. The product of five years of research by Andrew Otis in the archives of India, UK and Germany, Hicky’s Bengal Gazette: The Story of India’s First Newspaper is an essential and compelling addition to the history of subcontinental journalism.
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In , up to four million Bengalis starved to death when Churchill diverted food to British soldiers and countries such as Greece while a deadly famine swept through Bengal. Well, we missed the bus because you threw us under its wheels. This is not the first time Dr Tharoor has voiced his frustrations about the way Churchill is remembered by the history books. In March, he argued the former PM who led Britain to victory in World War Two should be remembered alongside the most prominent dictators of the twentieth century. Particularly the decisions that he personally signed off during the Bengal Famine when 4.

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West Bengal , state of India , located in the eastern part of the country. It is bounded to the north by the state of Sikkim and the country of Bhutan , to the northeast by the state of Assam , to the east by the country of Bangladesh , to the south by the Bay of Bengal , to the southwest by the state of Odisha , to the west by the states of Jharkhand and Bihar , and to the northwest by the country of Nepal. West Bengal has a peculiar configuration; its breadth varies from miles km at one point to hardly 10 miles 16 km at another. Its roughly 1,mile 2,km frontier with Bangladesh, neither natural nor well defined, is of strategic importance. Although in area West Bengal ranks as one of the smaller states of India, it is one of the largest in population.

He digs deep into the archives, drawing on journals, letters and official colonial records to assemble an account that dates back to the first millennium… The result of all this research is a textured biography of a region… This is a formidable work of scholarship… It is the sheer accumulation of information, and the multiple, interwoven strands in this profoundly interdisciplinary work, that yield such an impressive, multifaceted portrait… [A] remarkable book. Crossing the Bay of Bengal is, in a very real sense, a life of that Bay itself, as it was buffeted and regulated by the monsoon winds during the long Age of Sail, then harnessed by steamships from the s. Amrith remarks that the ocean has changed more in the last 30 years than in all of human history… Substantive and gracefully written. Perry, Choice. This exquisitely crafted book deftly traces the migratory patterns and cultural flows that connect South and Southeast Asia while demonstrating the power and limits of human agency in shaping the environmental destiny of the sea. Few studies of world history can rival the breathtaking interdisciplinary reach and sheer narrative splendor of this book. Beautifully written, with lyrical tenderness and subtle concern for the voices of migrants, Crossing the Bay of Bengal portrays the history of the Bay transformed over epochs, from medieval times to the present, in all its environmental, economic, social, and political complexity.

Make Your Own List. Professor Brian Shoesmith chooses five books that celebrate the lavish history of the Indian film industry. He maintains that Bollywood has become a global brand — in Perth, you can even take classes in Bollywood dance. He is the author of many books on Indian film. For almost 25 years, this was the only serious academic book in English devoted to Indian cinema.

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