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Hell on the Way to Heaven by Chrissie Foster

If you ever wondered why the Catholic church is struggling to find new members then this book will give you a good insight as to why. This is the real life story of an everyday Aussie family who fought a brave and determined battle against the church. The story goes of a devote Catholic lady Chrissie Foster who meets the man of her dreams Anthony and after getting married they then have three daughters Emma, Katie and Aimee. Life for the family seems great with the girls at a Catholic run school and the happy couple making a decent living in the family bussiness. This happiness is destroyed however when there eldest daughter Emma begins to show behaviour changes that will escalte over the years to self harm, suicidal thoughts and depression that perspire to ruin her life and put great strain on the family.

Even worse is to follow when Katie begins to show similar tendencies that will lead to her being hit by a drunk driver. An incident that destroys her hopes of leading a normal life. For Chrissie, Anthony and Aimee the strain is overwhelming. A strain that becomes even worse when Emma discloses that she was sexually assulted by scum of the earth preist John ODonnell when she was a child and later Katie will tell the same thing. The preist would be jailed in 1995 for sexual assults from 1946 to 1977. It would later be revealed the preist would continue his evil ways right up till just before he was jailed. The worst part of this was the shameful way the church went about denying and threatening victims and there families while covering up and openly seeing itself as above the law. The Foster family would bravely fight the church not just for its own children but the many victims over the years. I was in awe of how they kept going despite the incredible strain of the legal battle, there own families troubles and the financial difficulties.

This was a very sad book with what happened to Emma and Katie with there treatment at a young age and the shameful ways the church tried to egnore them. While the Foster family went through so much not least the tragic death of Emma as depression took hold of her what they achieved in there battle against the church should not be underestimated. Chrissie and Anthony held the church to account and made the country as a whole aware of what was happening in an institution that was meant to protect children. This is a heatbreaking story but one that also show the power of the human spirit and how when you are prepared to fight for what you believe in you can achieve change even if that change is slow. Chrissie and her family continue to this day to fight for the church for justice for victims and for change.
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Indulgences: Do Catholics try to buy their way to Heaven?

Look Inside. Apr 10, ISBN Now the publication of her letters, previously sealed for 25 years after her death and meticulously selected by Robert Ellsberg, reveals an extraordinary look at her daily struggles, her hopes, and her unwavering faith. This volume, which extends from the early s until the time of her death in , offers a fascinating chronicle of her response to the vast changes in America, the Church, and the wider world. At the same time, the first publication of her early love letters to Forster Batterham highlight her humanity and poignantly dramatize the sacrifices that underlay her vocation. Dorothy Day — was an American journalist, social activist, and devout Catholic convert. In , with Peter Maurin, she established the Catholic Worker, creating a community dedicated to direct aid for the poor and homeless, solidarity with the dispossessed, and… More about Dorothy Day.

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What does the Bible say about? For by grace you have been saved through faith.
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  1. This well meaning Evangelical had heard about the Catholic doctrine of indulgences, perhaps during an Evangelical sermon outlining the "errors" of the Catholic Church.

  2. Can't Tell Me Nothing Lyrics: La, la, la la (Yeah) / Wait 'til I get my money right / I had a dream I could buy my way to heaven / When I awoke.

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