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god of war 3 review video

The Art of God of War III by Daniel P. Wade

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Published 01.02.2019

God of War 3 Retrospective

Bombastic, titanic, brutally imaginative and even occasionally subtle, God of War III is the latest, best reason for a gamer to save money and skip action movies.
Daniel P. Wade

God Of War III video game review

God of War is an exploration of Greek myths, wrapped around a cool, action-packed video game that has been incredibly popular, with different instalments on the PS2, PS3, and now, a remastered version on the PS4. In God of War, you control Kratos - a rage filled Spartan hellbent on getting revenge on the Gods who have wronged him - by killing off the entire pantheon. Barring the mobile version that was in 2D, every game in the series sported gorgeous 3D graphics complete with gory combat. It's accessible to newcomers so you don't need to have played any God of War games before this to enjoy the game or follow the story. Without spoiling much, you'll be hacking and slashing your way against hordes of foes. These range from shambling corpses, to minotaurs, to the Gods themselves.


The conclusion of the God of War trilogy is an escalating series of endings itself, one gushing finality on top of another until the angriest man ever has stabbed, screamed, torn and wrenched apart every last thing in a Greek pantheon of grim-faced gods. This is God of War at its heftiest, performing a kind of gameplay cinematography that puts absurd violence, story progression and glimpses of a meticulously realized world into one coherent motion. The PlayStation 4 upgrade really makes it a marvel all over again, even if the clean-up work is just visual. Bumped to a razor-sharp resolution of p and an unwavering 60 frames per second, the environments, muscular characters and screen-shaking animations come to an unreal life. You also get the obligatory photo mode, which is so obligatory it can do nothing but pan, zoom and throw in some filters.

It's one of the most thrilling openings in all of video games. As warrior-turned-deity-killer Kratos, you climb the Titan Gaia, who functions as a colossal, moving level upon which you battle Poseidon, the god of the sea. Gaia herself is one of Kratos' few remaining allies; her cries of pain pierce the air as you swing your chained blades, launching ghoulish soldiers into the air and slicing away at Poseidon and his many-legged steed. It is all sound and fury, almost unparalleled in its sense of scale and its translation of a protagonist's anger into bloody, brutal interactions. When Kratos strikes his final blow, you see it not from his perspective, but from his victim's point of view, in the first person. It's a striking and vicious design choice that sets the tone for the game to follow. You are no longer conquering the Greek gods as an enraged antihero, but as a full-on villain.

Beautiful in every aspect, including character models, environments, and backgrounds. Visually breathtaking style. Spectacular boss battles. Brutally engaging combat. Gripping musical score and powerful voice acting.

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