Things to do on a dirty weekend

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things to do on a dirty weekend

Dirty Weekend by Deirdre Palmer


Four seventeen and eighteen year-olds from South London – Carol-Anne, Jeanette, Terry, and Mark – head to Brighton, intent on a weekend of seaside fun. Dancing, drinking, and sex are high on the agenda, and not necessarily in that order.

It’s the Swinging Sixties, and the world is changing fast. An exciting time, but a confusing one, too. Freedom is all very well, but brings with it endless worries and complications.

Each of the teenagers has a secret; nobody is quite what they seem.
Especially Jeanette.

When she disappears on a night out, tensions begin to rise as the others struggle to work out what to do. They agree on two points: no parents, and no police.

But can they really handle the situation on their own?

In the midst of the chaos, one thing is certain: after the weekend, nothing will ever be the same again.
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Dirty Weekend

Spice Up Your Weekend: The 10 Super-Simple Tips For Red-Hot Sex

Forget romantic walks holding hands, cranking up the sex vibe is all about letting go and escaping from the routine. Thinking of a cheeky 48 hours of fun? Here are 10 ways to make your dirty weekend the perfect one. If you really want to have fun on a weekend away, what could be cheekier than a hotel on the M1 with nothing but your hot lover, the porn channel and a bottle of champagne to keep you company? As delightful as the polished boulevards of Paris are, if you really want a weekend to remember, try somewhere a little more off the wall, like a steamy couple of days in the thermal spas of Budapest , seeing the Northern lights in Iceland or some adult fun in the red light district of Amsterdam. Many of them do packages for couples, which can be a little naff, but hey, a bottle of fizz and box of chocolates on arrival never hurt anyone. The beauty of a dirty weekend is its brief injection of passion.

2. Paris or Watford?

On a recent night away we arrived promptly for a 2pm check in. He nodded, so I drew the curtains, whipped off my jeans and pulled back the covers. We both dove straight in to the bed, turned our backs on each other and I reckon were snoozing soundly within four minutes of entering the room. A nap — a blissful, no interruptions nap with the added bonus of buoyant pillows and crisp sheets — has become our fantasy. The other joyful thing about a weekend away is eating out without taking the contents of your toy box and stationery cupboard or having little plastic giraffes accompany your drinks.

Too often, during the week, we tend to put our sex life on the back burner. Frankly speaking, it can be hard to invest time and energy into getting down and dirty with your man. Talk Dirty: Nothing heats up a sex session faster than some perfectly-timed dirty talk. Encourage your man to talk back. Keep up the naughty dialogue for as long as possible. Why not heat things up in the bedroom by wearing it?

My fiance and I just had a dirty weekend. That is, we just moved house, so for 48 hours we've been cleaning out cupboards, washing windows and schlepping boxes around. We both fell into bed face first with exhaustion. Not exactly romantic. But most of us could give our relationship a quick shot in the arm by having a dirty weekend. The real kind, the sexy dirty kind.

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