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where does doreen virtue live

Living Pain-Free: Natural and Spiritual Solutions to Eliminate Physical Pain by Doreen Virtue

      You don’t have to suffer with chronic or acute pain! With a spiritual healing approach, combined with natural remedies, you can reduce or eliminate physical discomfort. Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves, N.D. (a successful Australian naturopath), share their approach in an easy-to-follow way so that you can enjoy life again. Don’t allow pain to hold you back any longer. Instead, choose to evict it from your body and live pain-free.      This book contains detailed guidelines for healing and includes scientific research, as well as case studies. Learn which methods may be best for you, and how to feel better without the need for harsh chemical drugs or surgery. Underneath your pain is a perfectly comfortable, healthy body. Within these pages you will uncover how to reveal it and ease pain naturally. 
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Doreen Virtue frequently asked questions

Not So Virtue-ous: The Online Uproar About Doreen Virtue

I was shocked to find how many New Age practices have infiltrated the church. The devil is sowing tares amongst the wheat! Not preaching the Gospel : Stay away from churches that avoid teaching the Gospel that Jesus died to save us from the penalty for our sins. In the new age, the belief is that everyone is going to heaven. Tragically, the lack of Gospel teaching sends unsaved new agers straight to hell. People need to realize that we are all sinners, and that we need Jesus as our Savior.

So the big scoop in the tarot world last week is eclipse-related: eclipses are known for shaking things up and sudden about-faces. But me? Not a fan. As a result, there has been a scramble from her publisher at her request to remove or distance herself from the very things that made her so popular in the first place. OK and whoooo boy.

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Sunday, Sept. KOHALA — New homes were found for dozens of rescued pigs, sheep, goats, cows, donkeys, horses and geese around the island late last fall after the closing of Avalon Animal Sanctuary in Kohala. We miss them dearly, and I cry when I see photos of them. Most of them we rehomed without asking for a fee. Running the rescue ranch was exceedingly expensive, Virtue said, mounting from the initial costs of buying the animals — to keep them from being slaughtered — and paying for them to be neutered or spayed, to dental care, hoof care, X-rays, grooming, food, care and ranch maintenance. Financially forced to put the ranch up for sale, the nearly acre estate is on the market through Hawaii Life real estate company. The couple had rescued and housed nearly animals, including birds, at their safe refuge before leaving.

Last week I watched a video with Doreen Virtue; she was talking about how she has found Jesus, gone back to religion, and renounced mediumship, tarot and is no longer working with the Ascended Masters. This came as a surprise to everyone, particularly me, as I had only recently started openly working with the Ascended Masters. I had to have a think about what she said, and I felt that I should make a statement about how I feel. Christ Consciousness is a vibration of Source Energy that lives within us all, no matter what our creed or culture or ancestry. Jesus Christ was the epitome of Christ Consciousness. I believe he was a man who lived on Earth at a specific time, and did some amazing things, and had many stories written about him.

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