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knot out as seen on tv reviews

The Gender Knot: Unraveling Our Patriarchal Legacy by Allan G. Johnson

Allan G. Johnsons The Gender Knot: Unraveling our Patriarchal Legacy, is a mixed bag. Ill start with the good, but first: the obvious. Its a book about the patriarchy written by a white man, and I am another white man writing a review of his work. Fun! His identity aside, Johnson does a good job of defining patriarchy* and privilege and highlights these phenomena as structural attributes of our society that need to change. And hey, a man can offer useful insights on what it feels like to have de facto privilege and power, and what to do about it. Patriarchy wont go away unless men are participating in the fight. And perhaps a mans observations might be a good starting point for other men who need to hear the message.

This is a good book for consciousness raising, and Im glad I read it for that reason. One cannot help but analyze ones interactions more closely: Who am I paying attention to? How do I respond differently to women than I do to men? How would I react if the exact same thing were said/done by a man/woman? These were already filters on my daily thought, but Johnson provides many good examples and situations to consider. (There are some mentions of queer issues as well, but the book focuses on the binary categorization of men/women.)

In Johnsons reckoning, the source of our patriarchal system is control and fear (primarily, fear of losing said control). This actually makes a lot of sense as an explanatory mechanism, but it comes at the end of a long and awkward attempt by Johnson to deny any essential differences between the sexes that might have contributed to this predicament. In a desire to make men and women equal in all respects (rather than simply equally deserving of respect), he casts aside any considerations of, say, testosterone or reproductive roles. This leads him to the neutral values of control and fear, but one has to wonder why mens expressions of control and fear have so differentially shaped society. Its not a real explanation of how patriarchy came to be, and patriarchys origin is treated as something of a historical accident, even though he says matriarchy... as far as we know, has never existed. At the same time, Johnson regularly points to some non-existent golden age in which society used to be non-patriarchal, citing archaeological discoveries of goddess figures - as if those artefacts were enough to establish a culture perfectly equal in regards to the sexes.

Johnson regularly brings up other thinkers or positions on various subjects and quickly dismisses them. He has a tendency to identify a single, contrived counter-example and consequently disregard an entire field of thought. Some opposing positions, especially those of the Mens Rights movement, were indeed risible, but overall his dismissals made me suspicious of his logic. I was encouraged to apply the same scrutiny to his positions. Theres a lot of speculation, and long sections of text read simply as opinion piece. He also suffers from being highly repetitious (or rather, I suffer from him being highly repetitious), and vast stretches feel like copy/pasted regurgitations of the same points.

The book ends nicely with a lot of good and genuinely helpful pieces of advice on how to improve society (such as showing our discomfort with tasteless humor, countering sexist talk, raising questions about representation, and generally placing the stubborn ounces of our weight in opposition to patriarchy), but these were all the small changes and grace notes he had previously said would never be enough to overturn a system in need of overhauling. Theres no advice for doing away with capitalism or rugged individualism (much time is spent decrying those in particular), and very little in the way of acknowledgement of how much things have been improving. The book was first written in 1997, but I read a third edition released in 2014. Allan Johnson passed away at the end of last year, but I hope he would be encouraged to see the fruits of the Me Too movement, even while lamenting the election of a blatant misogynist over someone who should have been our first woman president. The fight for gender equality continues, and continue it must, but I might search for another book to recommend someone jumping into the fray.

*Patriarchy: A society is patriarchal to the degree that it promotes male privilege by being male dominated, male identified, and male centered. It is also organized around an obsession with control and involves as one of its key aspects the oppression of women.
Opression: A system of social inequality through which one group is positioned to dominate and benefit from the exploitation and subordination of another.
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