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beaches 2 i ll be there

Beaches II: Ill Be There by Iris Rainer Dart

If you loved Beaches, youll love the sequel (Cosmopolitan). Bestselling author Iris Rainer Dart presents the follow-up to her phenomenally successful Beaches--continuing the story of the madcap Hollywood star Cee Cee Bloom and her attempts to juggle motherhood and her freewheeling lifestyle as she tries to raise the daughter of her dearly departed best friend. Soon to be a television miniseries.
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The Dead South - In Hell I'll Be In Good Company [Official Music Video]

I'll Be There

Lifetime's remake of the classic tearjerker Beaches aired Saturday and there were some things from the original film that were left on the cutting room floor. But there were some things that were left on the cutting room floor. Here are 19 of the biggest changes. Fair warning: Spoilers ahead! Same flashbacks, different beginnings. The film opens with C.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. - Lifetime has remade Beaches for the modern era, keeping the plot and characters pretty much the same but putting a more contemporary spin on it. The version does have some other differences, including new music by Menzel, but in part, the TV movie is an homage to the original, a tribute to the lasting power of female friendship.

This engaging sequel begins where Beaches left off, several weeks after actress Cee Cee Bloom's best friend Roberta has died and left her young daughter, Nina, in Cee Cee's enthusiastic and loving though uneven care. For the next seven years, the two create a marriage of opposites. Cee Cee adopts mothering with her usual gaudy vitality as Nina tries to overcome her revulsion for Cee Cee's disorderly lifestyle, which includes workaholic compulsions, affairs with unsuitable men and career ups and downs. Along the way, each learns about life from the other. Throughout the narrative ominous foreshadowing creates such a heavy-handed buildup that the denouement--successful tearjerker that it is--comes as something of a let-down.

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