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harriet out of wild child

Harriet, Youll Drive Me Wild! by Mem Fox

Harriet Youll Drive Me Wild! is a adorable book about a young girl name Harriet. This book is a contemporary realistic fiction aimed at preschool or school aged children. Throughout the book Harriet is being a handful for her mother. She breaks things and makes messes everywhere all day long.She is not doing thing intentionally but they are just happening. Her mother tried to remain calm and not yell. At the end of the book, her mother does yell at her. She quickly apologizes and says somethings things just happen. The illustrations of her causing trouble are beyond cute! The theme of this book is not one often explored. It could be used for a lesson on expression of feelings. Also it may open a discussion to why people get angry sometimes. Both student and teacher, or child and parent can learn from this book. I only rated it three stars though because I feel that children may not want to read it more than once. The lesson is good but the entertainment of the book, not so much.
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Poppy Moore - HUMOR (WILD CHILD)

Wild Child

Very much a fish out of water, Poppy gets off to a royal bad start at the Abbey Mount School for Girls. She refuses to acknowledge the authority of snobbish and cruel Head Girl Harriet Georgia King and makes an instant enemy of the fifth-generation Abbey Mount student. She also fails to see the point in bonding with her schoolmates. Why bother? Poppy intends to be out of there and back to the beach in a few weeks anyway.

It was two days after the Honour Court and Abbey Mount was still reeling from the events of that day; Poppy declared innocent of setting fire to the school and Harriet, the Head Girl exposed as a hate filled liar and an arsonist. News of Harriet's expulsion had sent shockwaves through the school among both teachers and pupils. Poppy knew that it could not just end there and decided to pay a final visit to her enemy. Harriet shared a room with Jane and Charlotte her former deputy prefects. The two girls had been Harriet's shadow following her around as she prowled the corridors of Abbey Mount catering to her every whim. Yet they had stayed in the lacrosse team after Mrs Kingsley had replaced Harriet as captain and she had left.

Harriet is played by Georgia King as shown on Wikipe Wild Child - basically a typical teenage girl called Poppy Moore, who lives in LA, is a very naughty girl. Harriet is played by Georgia King as shown on Wikipedia! Her dad sends her to Top Talent Recommended for you.

You awful bitch! You've turned this school upside down. You've ruined everything!
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Wild Child

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