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my brother my brother summary

My Brother, My Enemy by Mitchell Wilson

My dad recommended this book to me. Apparently Mitchell Wilson was a very popular novelist in Russia (where my dad grew up), but remains virtually unknown in the US. This is a very American novel about two brothers who attempt to invent the television in their own garage, kinda like Steve Jobs but in the 20s. The book mostly focuses on the inception and basic implementation of their idea, but we dont know how far they get. Its not until the end of the book that we find out that there are plenty of other people across the country who are racing to develop the same technology.

As far as I know ,the story is entirely fictional, although the scientific parts were well researched (Mitchell Wilson being a former physicist and all). Still, the focus isnt so much the science but the ambivalent relationship between the brothers and the discrepancies in their ethics. Along the way they end up finding love and recruiting sketchy businessmen, and a lot of tension arises from this overlap between work and personal life. It gets messy and kinda nauseous but in the end its their giving older sister that brings them together. Overall solid book
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Sher Singh was the son of Sher Singh Bahadur - the brave and famous Shikari who had got the title Bahadur for his hunting skills. One day.
Mitchell Wilson

Three Weeks with My Brother

Everything you need to understand or teach My Brother by Jamaica Kincaid. Many readers and critics had long suspected that Jamaica Kincaid's fiction was highly autobiographical, and the publication of My Brother, which was nominated for a National Book Award for non-fiction, confirmed those suspicions. Ostensibly inspired by the death of her younger brother Devon Drew from AIDS in , this memoir is most striking for the way that Kincaid presents her own memories and thoughts about her family in light of this tragedy. While her Toggle navigation. Sign Up. Sign In.

Sign in. James is developmentally disabled. Their mother, L'Tisha, finds herself in a tragic situation. Dying of tuberculosis, she desperately tries to get her two boys, eight and eleven at the time, adopted together. Finding that only Isaiah can be adopted. L'Tisha makes the only choice she feels she can make; creating an unbreakable bond of love between the boys, and hoping that bond will get them through life.

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Its a story about a elder brother and his younger brother. Sher Singh is the elder and Kunwar is his younger father's name is Sher.
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Three Weeks with My Brother is two stories in one. On the surface, it tells of a trip around the world that Nicholas Sparks takes with his brother Micah. Three Weeks with My Brother begins on the day that Nicholas Sparks receives the flier in the mail and ends with the brothers returning home. In between, Nicholas Sparks recounts the sights, sounds, and spectacles of various countries and continents, taking the reader on the journey with him. But Three Weeks with My Brother is more than just a travelogue. The text is the memoir of a successful author who seemingly is living the American Dream. Yet unbeknownst to most of his readers, he has also lived the American Tragedy.

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