Example of appeal to tradition fallacy

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example of appeal to tradition fallacy

Fallacy Quotes (57 quotes)

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Fallacy Examples

Appeal to Tradition is a type of logical fallacy in which something is accepted as true or better because it's the "way it's always been done." There is no evidence.

Appeal to tradition

Appeal to tradition also known as argumentum ad antiquitatem , [1] appeal to antiquity , or appeal to common practice is an argument in which a thesis is deemed correct on the basis that it is correlated with some past or present tradition. The appeal takes the form of "this is right because we've always done it this way. An appeal to tradition essentially makes two assumptions that are not necessarily true :. The opposite of an appeal to tradition is an appeal to novelty , claiming something is good because it is new. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

One common use of an Appeal to Age fallacy is when trying to justify something which can't be defended on actual merits, like, for example.
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This sort of "reasoning" is fallacious because the age of something does not automatically make it correct or better than something newer. This is made quite obvious by the following example: The theory that witches and demons cause disease is far older than the theory that microrganisms cause diseases. Therefore, the theory about witches and demons must be true. This sort of "reasoning" is appealing for a variety of reasons. First, people often prefer to stick with what is older or traditional. This is a fairly common psychological characteristic of people which may stem from the fact that people feel more comfortable about what has been around longer.

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  1. Using historical preferences of the people (tradition), either in general or as specific as the (also known as: appeal to common practice, appeal to antiquity, appeal to traditional wisdom, proof from tradition, appeal to past Example #1.

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