Is massage therapy a good career 2015

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is massage therapy a good career 2015

The Business of Massage Therapy: Building a Successful Career by Jessica Abegg

This is the premiere guide to managing a successful massage career and running a successful holistic business. Written by veteran massage therapist and holistic business coach Jessica Abegg (LMT, MBA, MSIB), this visual, hands-on book contains all the tools readers need. It focuses on both practical concerns (such as finance and legal organization), and intangible elements of success (reflection, balance, and self-care). It also includes vital information on marketing and the Internet: knowledge often absent in the high-touch, low-tech world of massage. Throughout, it reflects the growing recognition that it is urgently important to help practitioners manage businesses and careers more successfully, as reflected in the inclusion of Business Practices in the new Massage Therapy Body of Knowledge.
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A Great Add-on to Your Career

Time for a Career Change? Top Reasons to Consider Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is maturing as a profession. Therapists may begin to work in the industry, or build their own clientele, while still working in other professions. Your first job, if you are relying on massage as your main income source, could be working for a franchise. Franchises are a growing industry. The work doesn't pay as much per hour as self-employment but can provide more hours.

What does a massage therapist do?

A very interesting and productive career which I would enjoy pursuing., A career in massage therapy can be a very rewarding experience.

Sponsored - For many people the end of will bring new inspiration to make a job change or find a job that makes them happier. That field is massage therapy. Many people are familiar with a day at the spa and the treat of receiving a relaxing massage. But relaxation is just one element of massage therapy. There is much more to the occupation and its benefits that you might realize.

Because life can get stressful for many, it truly is a special treat for your body to be kneaded by expert hands to get rid of those painful tensional knots. Despite the popularity of massage, however, many still have a lot of misconceptions about getting a job or a career as a massage therapist. As a result, this prevents many from seeking massage therapy as a treatment for their health woes, as well as pursuing it as a full-time career. What are the misconceptions and most common lies about being a massage therapist? Rounded up below are 11 of the most common ones. This may have been the case decades ago, but now that health and wellness is a 3-trillion dollar industry , massage therapists are highly in demand. There are many wellness facilities all over the world constantly looking for massage therapists to cater to their ever-growing clientele.

Fran in Brooklyn, New York. Fteach2learn in Buffalo, New York said: I'm glad that there is a positive comment about message therapy. I am a special education teacher looking to get into message as a second career. I only hope its worth the money put into it. As a second career it is nice. I have been a therpist now for 7 yrs.

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  1. Learn what a career in massage therapy is really like and find out how common expectations square with reality. in Massage Therapy. Updated on February 2, Top Reasons People Think Massage Therapy Will Make a Great Career .

  2. As with most professions, medical or otherwise, when starting out your salary is not going to be that high.

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