A picture paints a thousand words

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a picture paints a thousand words

Quote by Josh Stern: “If a picture paints a thousand words, then a na...”

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IF (A Picture Paints a Thousand Words) - Piano Solo

English[edit]. Etymology[edit]. Reportedly first used by Frederick R. Barnard in Printer's Ink (December, ), while commenting that graphics can tell a story as .

The meaning and origin of the expression: A picture is worth a thousand words

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By David Terrar on January 22, We are bombarded by clever and entertaining advertising these days, but does it really sell the product?
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This could be because of the opportunity for subjective interpretation — you see something in the image based on your own background, experiences, feelings. You can decide what the image means to you., I can't believe I've got this far without mentioning Lee Sullivan.

It refers to the notion that some complex ideas can be conveyed with just a single picture, this picture conveys its meaning or essence more effectively than a description does. Henrik Ipsen first said "A thousand words leave not the same deep impression as does a single deed. In March , the Syracuse Advertising Men's Club held a banquet to discuss journalism and publicity. It's worth a thousand words. Early use of the exact phrase appears in a newspaper advertisement for the San Antonio Light , which says:. The modern use of the phrase is generally attributed to Fred R. Barnard wrote this phrase in the advertising trade journal Printers' Ink , promoting the use of images in advertisements that appeared on the sides of streetcars.

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This phrase originated in America in the early s. Its introduction is widely attributed to Frederick R. Barnard, an advertising executive. However, other references to its origin also exist. The most likely origin and also the oldest printed record of the phrase in its exact form is believed to be in in an American newspaper, The San Antonio Light, which first published it in an advertisement for the paper itself, which reads:. P 4 Thoughts. Add your thoughts Cancel reply.

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