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Getting It Published: A Guide for Scholars and Anyone Else Serious about Serious Books by William P. Germano

Writers and publishers depend on one another, but it often seems as if they speak two different languages. Getting It Published is a lively, insiders guide to academic publishing—a book that will tell you not only how publishing works, but how you can make it work for you. Written by a veteran editor with experience in both the university press and commercial worlds, the book fields the big questions in a scholars life. Why do editors choose some books and decline others? How does a writer decide where to submit a project? How does the review process work, and why is it necessary? What can an author expect from a publishing house—before, during, and after publication? William Germano answers these questions and more, and along the way, offers encouragement, tips, and warnings.

This savvy guide unravels the mysteries of publishing and walks you through the process from start to finish. Youll learn how to think about your book before you submit it and what you need to know about your contract. With wit and humor, Germano also addresses some of the finer points of publishing etiquette, including how—and how not—to approach a busy editor and how to work with other publishing professionals on matters of design, marketing, and publicity. Graduate students, recent Ph.D.s, and experienced authors alike will appreciate the chapters on Quotations, Pictures, and Other Headaches and on compiling and editing collections and anthologies.

Scholarly publishing is a big, noisy, conversation about the ideas that shape our world, Germano writes, Heres how to make your book part of that conversation.
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Dr William Germano: Shakespeare's Operatic Life : DOC #041

Getting It Published: A Guide for Scholars and Anyone Else Serious about Serious Books

William Germano. A professor, author, and thirty-year veteran of the book industry, Germano knows what editors want and what writers need to know to get their work published. Today there are more ways to publish than ever, and more challenges to traditional publishing. This ever-evolving landscape brings more confusion for authors trying to understand their options. The third edition of Getting It Published offers the clear, practicable guidance on choosing the best path to publication that has made it a trusted resource, now updated to include discussions of current best practices for submitting a proposal, of the advantages and drawbacks of digital publishing, and tips for authors publishing textbooks and in open-access environments. He provides valuable guidance on developing a compelling book proposal, finding the right publisher, evaluating a contract, negotiating the production process, and, finally, emerging as a published author. I regularly share it, teach it, and consult it myself, whenever I have a question on titling a chapter, securing a permission, or negotiating a contract.

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