Where did pope francis get his name

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where did pope francis get his name

The Name of God is Mercy by Pope Francis


I, Caidyn, an old atheist who is now more agnostic and integrative with my religious viewpoints, added a book by a Pope, to my favorites list. This is revolutionary news. This day should be noted in calendars. If my mom sees this, her heart is going to stop.

But... I love Pope Francis. Seriously. When he was elected when I was a junior in high school, I had a good feeling about him. Then, he started making his statements about LGBT (Who am I to judge?) and climate and I was sold. He is an amazing man who will not be forgotten. Hes come at the right time, and hes bringing Catholicism to the 21st century with his preaching of mercy, love, and forgiveness.

While this book wasnt revolutionary, it struck me. It got to me. I listened to this at work while cleaning an inch of grease off some compressor machines, and it was just amazing. How he explained some of Jesuss teachings and what they mean to him. How being a confessor for so many years lets him see Christs true messages.

I would never convert to Catholicism, but I love Pope Francis.
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Pope Francis explains reason behind name choice, wants 'Church for poor'

Pope Francis revealed why he had chosen his name at an audience He laughed as he recalled that someone suggested he should have.
Pope Francis

CNN Vatican analyst: Pope Francis' name choice 'precedent shattering'

He was the first pope from the Western Hemisphere , the first from South America , and the first from the Jesuit order. Bergoglio was the son of Italian immigrants to Argentina. After studying in high school to become a chemical technician, he worked briefly in the food-processing industry but felt called to the church. When he was about 21 years old, he suffered a severe bout of pneumonia that led to the removal of part of his right lung. After graduation he taught literature and psychology in high school while pursuing a degree in theology.

Pope Francis chose his name in honor of St. Francis was born in or and in founded the Franciscan Order in his hometown, Assisi, in what is now the Italian region of Umbria. Born into privilege, he spurned wealth and embraced a life of poverty and simplicity — preaching a message of joy and peace. For full coverage of the new pope, visit NBCNews. Soon after Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio was named the leader of the world's 1. Francis of Assisi, credited with creating the first Nativity scene to celebrate Christmas in , was never ordained, but he is regarded by the Catholic Church as one of its holiest figures. Pope Gregory IX canonized him in , two years after his death, according to the Catholic Encyclopedia.

Who Is Pope Francis?

He was elected on 13 March He chose the name Francis to honor St. Francis of Assisi. Francis is the first Jesuit pope. From until he was elected as the pope , Francis was the Archbishop of Buenos Aires.

Departing from his prepared speech, he said that some people were still uncertain if his name referred to St Francis Xavier or St Francis de Sales or St Francis of Assisi. He said that he was seated next to his friend, the Brazilian Cardinal Claudio Hummes, during the conclave. Francis was a man of peace, a man of poverty, a man who loved and protected creation. He laughed as he recalled that someone suggested he should have taken the name Clement XV to get even with Clement XIV, who suppressed the Jesuits in At the beginning of my ministry in the See of Peter, I am pleased to meet all of you who have worked here in Rome throughout this intense period which began with the unexpected announcement made by my venerable Predecessor Benedict XVI on 11 February last. To each of you I offer a cordial greeting.

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