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logic pro 9 score editor

Scoring with Logic Pro by Jay Asher

Apples Logic Pro is one of todays most popular digital audio workstations (DAW). Perhaps the most professional DAW on the market for composers, Logic can be used to compose anything from a symphony to a television jingle and includes complete tools for scoring, recording, and processing music and audio. Despite Logics popularity as a composition tool, its Score Editor can be one of the applications most challenging features to master. Scoring with Logic Pro offers concise and easy-to-follow tutorials to guide the reader in inputting, formatting, and printing music notation using Logic Pros Score Editor. Whether youre a beginner or a long-time Logic Pro user just getting into composition, youll be scoring like the pros in no time.
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Logic Pro 9 Essential Training 7 A Score Editor

If you want real musicians playing your composition but have no idea how scores should be presented for them, you can still make playable Logic parts with our simple guide.
Jay Asher


Score Writing. I have several questions, which I'll list below: 1 Whenever I drag and drop an eighth note into the score, it gives me a quarter note, which I can then correct by adding another eighth note right next to it or whatever values. This is a very confusing, overly complicated, and apparently pointless way of going about things. Is there a simpler, more direct way I can write in the note values I want? The help menu said something about an Event Parameter Box, but I'm still clueless.

Opening the Score Editor Window. Elements of the Score Editor are covered, with emphasis on the Content Link button and navigating through the layers of the editor. The various ways to navigate through the different views of the Score Editor are demonstrated. View Notation While Recording. This video demonstrates how to record and view the recording in the Score Editor.

In the Score Editor, each track appears as a separate staff. Notes, rests, and other musical events in the MIDI regions on the track are displayed in standard musical notation. When Show Advanced Tools is selected in the Advanced preferences pane, the Score Editor can display multiple tracks containing MIDI regions, and display every instrument track in the project. The Score inspector, located to the left of the score display, includes the following areas that you use to control various aspects of the score:. Region inspector: Control visual quantization and other display settings for regions in the score.

When you open a Score Editor window while several regions are selected in the Arrange area, Logic Pro automatically creates and displays a score set that only.
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Jay Asher on Jun 28, in Logic Pro 0 comments. I use it so often that it is my default for the secondary tool, accessed by holding down the Command key. Usually I have it set to 4, as you see in Pic 1. But no setting works for every circumstance and the Layout Tool allows you to quickly drag measures from one line to a previous line or next line, overriding the project setting for that specific line. The default four bars per line looks just dandy here.

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  1. Working quickly in Logic's Score editor is best possible when you wrap your head (or fingers) around certain key commands. In this tutorial Jay Asher gives you.

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