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disney short film john henry

John Henry: An American Legend by Ezra Jack Keats

This is a powerful story, still. A legend about Man vs the Machine. The truth about this is John Henry won the battle, but the machine won the war. It’s also about industrialization and we see the economic hardships it has caused this country and nations of the world as more people are put out of work. The story is very powerful.

I do love Keats artwork, but I thought some pages were amazing and some drawings simply ok.

I remember being in grade school and John Henry was extremely popular among kids and everyone wanted to check out this story and watch the films on the story they used to show. You had to turn each frame as it was read aloud by a tape player that pinged when it was time to turn the film. Everyone wanted to be the projectionist.

This didn’t wow my kids. The nephew didn’t care about beating a machine as he wants to live with robots and the niece thought it was pointless that John Henry died at the end. The nephew gave this 2 stars and the niece 3 stars. That feels like a big fail. Oh well, everyone has their own opinions.
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The Legend Of The Steel Driving Man

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The Disney image of history is, more often than not, fictionalized in order to produce a better movie plot. There are several examples of historical figures that were manipulated in to animal-befriending, stunningly beautiful, and missing at least one parent, prince or princess. Pocahontas is an example of a historical figure turned Disney princess with a fictionalized story with talking trees and in reality, helped the settlers a lot less than her Disney princess is portrayed to do. For those who may have never heard the legend, John Henry was imprisoned for a crime during the black code era. He was then a steel worker working on a railway that challenged a new machine that was supposedly faster than humans. Due to exhaustion, Henry died after beating the steel machine.

Some of them are more recent like Oscar winner "Paperman," which was attached to 's "Wreck-It Ralph. Others haven't been available to view on home video before. If you haven't had a chance to check them out, the Disney dozen are currently available to stream on Netflix. Director and writer Mike Gabriel was asked to take over the project from the late artist Joe Grant, the Disney legend responsible for animation in 's "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" and more recent hits like "Aladdin" and "The Lion King. Work on "Lorenzo" began in ; however, it was never completed. Though "Lorenzo" originally played ahead of film "Raising Helen," this was the short's first release on film.

John Henry is a short based on the tall tale of the same name that was in on the Walt Disney Animation Studios Short Films Collection Blu-Ray and DVD.
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Kill Bill: Vol. Sign in. The star of " The Boys " has a great Watchlist that she can't stop re-watching. Watch now. A gluttonous self-centered cat, Lorenzo, gets punished for his selfishness when his beautiful giant tail develops a personality of its own.

John Henry, a freed slave, happens across a railroad building project. An entire crew of freed slaves has been promised land if they can finish by deadline, but they're exhausted and unable to continue. John, though, has the strength of ten men, and revitalizes all of them. But despair sets in again when the railroad sends a steam hammer to replace the crew and burns the contract. John proposes a challenge: man against machine. After a heroic effort, including a tunnel through solid rock by swinging two hammers at once, John wins, but he also collapses in his wife Polly's arms. She's recounting this whole story to their young son, to explain why his father was so great.

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