Role of students in nation building

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role of students in nation building

Nation Building Quotes (37 quotes)

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Published 28.01.2019

The role of the youth in nation building

The Role of Students In Nation Building Essay

Role Of Students in Nation Building. The future of India depends on our students. If the power of young men or students is directed to constructive purposes, the whole nation will move to all round development. This responsibility has increased immensely with the dawn of independence. So it is essential that students must know about their duties. India is a developing country. They may go to the villages for adult education, for doing social service to the poor villagers, for teaching new technology in farming and other such vocations.

The future of any country depends on the student. The name and fame of the country depend on educated young people. In other words, students are the real wealth of every country. For countries like India they are more important. If the energy of the students is full of constructive goals, the whole country will experience full development. Most of them are students. These young people can do a lot in the development work of the country.

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Thanks for writing it's really helpful thanks for sharing. A one-stop credible platform for innovative, original and interactive CSR news and feature stories from across the globe. You can enlarge the list of colleges you are applying to by using DigitalEssay. Every individual countryman can play its role in nation building by doing his duties in right manner. One should be sincere about his duties not only for self but also in the prospects of the nation. As we all know that our life is very short and we have a lot to do for our society, our nation and for the whole world.

Please join StudyMode to read the full document. Students are the future of a country so they should work hard so that they can develop their country. We should fix some priniciples for us like we will never support corruption and other illegal works. If you want to bring a reform never look how many peoples are with you. Oppose each and every bad think.

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