When did george vi die

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when did george vi die

The Reluctant King: The Life and Reign of George VI, 1895-1952 by Sarah Bradford

As his daughter, Elizabeth II celebrates 60 years on the throne, I felt it was time to read a little more about her father, George VI. This is the man who was never supposed to be King, nor did he want to assume the throne. But it was forced upon him when his brother Edward VIII (later styled as the Duke of Windsor) abdicated for the woman I love. George (or Bertie as he was called) was not prepared for the job by his strict and less than loving parents and had to adapt, while struggling with his life-long stammer. But he married the right woman.....Elizabeth, who in later life became the iconic, Queen Mum, and they formed a loving and supportive family. He was a popular King and his decision to stay in London during the Blitz endeared him further to his people.
The book can be a little static in sections but overall it is very well done and gives the reader an insiders look at the life of a well meaning and gentle man who gave his best to his country/empire and has been under-appreciated by those outside of Britain. Recommended.
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Tragic News of King's Death - 1952

How Did King George VI Die?

If you've found yourself obsessed with Netflix's latest hit series, The Crown , you're not alone. In addition to nailing the look of the real-life royals , writer Peter Morgan also makes sure each episode chronicling their story is as accurate as possible. One such example is the realistic portrayal of King George VI's last days before he dies of lung cancer in the second episode, spurring on Elizabeth's career as the queen of the UK. George VI navigated the ups and downs of World War II including overcoming his debilitating stutter with the help of wife Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon and became an important symbolic leader for the British people. Unfortunately, the stress of years at war took a toll on King George VI, and his health began to seriously decline.

Known as "Bertie" among his family and close friends, George VI was born in the reign of his great-grandmother Queen Victoria , and was named after his great-grandfather Albert, Prince Consort. As the second son of King George V , he was not expected to inherit the throne, and spent his early life in the shadow of his elder brother, Edward. In , he was made Duke of York. In the mids, he had speech therapy for a stammer , which he never fully overcame. However, Edward was forced to choose between the crown and marriage to divorced American socialite Wallis Simpson. Edward abdicated to marry Simpson, and George ascended the throne as the third monarch of the House of Windsor.

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Coronation Of King George VI & Queen Elizabeth: Reels 3 & 4 (1937) - British Pathé

Queen Elizabeth II has been the leader of the royal family for roughly 67 years, officially making her the longest-reigning British monarch ever. She fell into the position at just 25 years old in after her father, King George VI, died of coronary thrombosis at 56 amid his battle with lung cancer. Though she was not officially crowned until June 2, , Elizabeth was asked to lead the minute the King died. Despite being overcome with grief when he was laid to rest, the royal family was reportedly aware of the King's declining health by the early s and knew that Elizabeth's time was coming. After all, the King was forced to postpone a tour of New Zealand and Australia because of his condition. What's more, he suffered an arterial blockage in and had to have his left lung removed in the summer of

George VI died in his sleep at Sandringham on Feb 6, I cannot bear to think of Lilibet, so young to bear such a burden — I do feel for you so darling Mama — to lose two dear sons, and Bertie still so young and so precious — it is almost more than one can bear — your very loving Elizabeth. The biography also sets out the Queen Mother's views on the Royal family's financial arrangements. She was implacably opposed to the agreement to end centuries of privilege and to pay income tax. Queen Mother on Margaret Thatcher. Queen Mother on 'abhorrent' Diana, Princess of Wales.

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