Brene brown on empathy transcript

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brene brown on empathy transcript

Editions of International Business: Competing in the Global Marketplace by Charles W.L. Hill

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Published 28.01.2019

January 21, 2018: (HD) Sunday Sermon by Dr. Brené Brown at Washington National Cathedral

7 Words That Might Change the Way You Teach

So, I'll start with this: a couple years ago, an event planner called me because I was going to do a speaking event. And she called, and she said, "I'm really struggling with how to write about you on the little flyer. And I was like, "Okay. So I think what I'll do is just call you a storyteller. I was like, "Let me think about this for a second.

Sharing connection through empathy is essential for recognizing and addressing the suffering of marginalized groups. Theresa Wiseman is a nursing scholar who studied professions, very diverse professions where empathy is relevant and came up with four qualities of empathy:. Uhh, no. You want a sandwich? Empathy is a choice.

One of the most shocking findings of my work was the idea that the most compassionate people I have interviewed over the last 13 years were also the absolutely most boundaried. We let people do things that are not okay or get away with behaviours that are not okay and then we are just resentful and hateful. I assumed for the first 35 years of my life that people were sucking on purpose just to piss me off. They should know better …. Generosity to assume the best about people is almost an inherently selfish act because the life you change first is your own. What boundaries need to be in place, for me to stay in my integrity and, make the most generous assumption about you?

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Human beings are wired to want to connect. Highly empathic people are good at connecting with others, however, they also have a greater tendency to experience higher volumes of the other end of the spectrum: shame. First, Brown describes the connection between the two. It is what moves us toward deep, meaningful relationships. On the other side of the continuum connection [gestures to right] is shame.

Currently I'm compiling a list of my "Top books for I first wrote about her here back in Her message resonates with many, many people, to say the least. In this minute RSA talk Brown says that it's a myth that vulnerability is what makes us weak. Instead, it is the courage to be vulnerable, to take a risk, that leads to deeper connection and engagement. If you do not have minutes to watch the entire talk now, at least watch this animated RSA Short which uses audio from her talk to create something special.

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