Authors who died in 2010

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authors who died in 2010

John Gunther (Author of Death Be Not Proud)

John Gunther was one of the best known and most admired journalists of his day, and his series of Inside books, starting with Inside Europe in 1936, were immensely popular profiles of the major world powers. One critic noted that it was Gunthers special gift to unite the best qualities of the newspaperman and the historian. It was a gift that readers responded to enthusiastically. The Inside books sold 3,500,000 copies over a period of thirty years.

While publicly a bon vivant and modest celebrity, Gunther in his private life suffered disappointment and tragedy. He and Frances Fineman, whom he married in 1927, had a daughter who died four months after her birth in 1929. The Gunthers divorced in 1944. In 1947, their beloved son Johnny died after a long, heartbreaking fight with brain cancer. Gunther wrote his classic memoir Death Be Not Proud, published in 1949, to commemorate the courage and spirit of this extraordinary boy. Gunther remarried in 1948, and he and his second wife, Jane Perry Vandercook, adopted a son.
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Tribute to Celebrities Who Died In 2010 Part 1

Diana Athill, author and editor, dies aged 101

The novelist Philip Roth , who explored America through the contradictions of his own character for more than six decades, died on Tuesday aged At a high school reunion, Zuckerman is told the sad story of Seymour "Swede" Levov, the older brother of a former classmate. Roth explores the American political turmoil of the Vietnam war years, with Zuckerman reimagining the life of Swede, a promising young man who thought he'd achieved the American dream — until his life began to unravel around him. Another Zuckerman novel: here Roth's alter-ego observes as his neighbour Coleman Silk, a professor and dean at a nearby college, is accused of racism by two students and forced to resign his job after the subsequent uproar. Considered to be a very lightly veiled criticism of campus liberalism, the novel also considers sexual politics, with Silk beginning a relationship with an illiterate janitor working at the college while the US president Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky scandal is dominating headlines. What if the aviator Charles Lindbergh had been elected president of the US?

Novelist Vince Flynn, who was diagnosed with stage three metastatic prostate cancer in , but continued to write his best-selling thrillers, has died at the age of He's best known for his CIA page-turners that starred Mitch Rapp, a counterterrorism operative who made Flynn the darling of conservatives. Three reached No. His publisher, Atria, says it's not yet known what or how much was completed on Flynn's next novel, The Survivor , originally scheduled to be released in October. We he and his wife were sneaking around the house, whispering so the kids wouldn't hear us. It was horrible.

Robert B. James P.
destiny and deception a 13 to life novel

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Looking through it recently, I noticed a number of coincidences—or perhaps we should call them unusual cosmic agreements. In this case, the coincidences are of famous authors dying on the exact same day, from to Mind you, this is not just a list of writers who share a death day—save one notable exception, these writers died on the very same date. Same day, same month, same year. So, what does it mean? Does it mean anything?

JG Ballard by Michael Moorcock. My friendship with JG Ballard lasted about 50 years and was not always the easiest to maintain. In the early days at least we were naturally confrontational. Happily, we were united in what we wished to confront, if not always agreed on how best to go about it. We were both in those days "family men" and we shared a love for our children. Jimmy's love was almost mystical. When fathers were discouraged from attending births, he had insisted at being present at his children's.

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