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my little pony king sombra full episode

Sombra by Jeremy Whitley

Ill be blunt on this. I refuse to believe that this is King Sombras origin.

(view spoiler)[The story starts with Sombra being a foal, going to school. Hes treated as an outcast but is eventually befriended by another, one Radiant Hope. During Hope and Sombras first day at the Crystal Fair, it gets to a point where they approach the Crystal Heart. It gives them both visions of their possible futures, Hopes basically being granted a seat by the two Royal Sisters, Sombras being of the monster hed become. Enter Princess Amoré, who basically explains that the premonition is uncertain and that shes here to talk to. Unaware the princess is opening her heart to him, Sombra becomes too fearful to open up in return. A year later, the magic of the Crystal Heart causes Sombra loss of mobility, followed by excruciating pain year after year until he becomes unstable. When it nearly kills him—by which I mean cause him to disappear—Hope reverses the effects, healing him and earning her cutie mark in the process.
Eventually, Hopes letter arrives. Sombra guesses (keyword: guesses) that its an invitation to sit beside the Sisters, that the visions have all but come true, and in due time his time will come next. This causes him to run off into the Arctic North, completely dejected, where he encounters a talking formation of red crystals claiming to be his mother and explaining that he was vulnerable to the Crystal Heart because he was an umbrum, shadow ponies sealed underground by the magic Amoré crafted into the Heart itself. Instantly taking her word for it, Sombra is granted a ton of power, converting his visage into the season 3 premiere aesthetics and establishing that.
He then returns to the Crystal Empire to relieve it of the Crystal Heart but then gets caught by a concerned Princess Amoré. She claims to have known what Sombra was all along, and Sombra promptly gets furious of the fact she never told him. Amoré tries reaching out to him once more, only for an enraged Sombra to immediately petrify and shatter her.
Radiant Hope, outdoors after hours for some reason, witnesses this and tries to dissuade Sombra from his newfound evil ways, to no avail; she runs off, distraught. And instead of catching her before she could snitch on him, Sombra just lets her go and declares himself King of the Monsters (because thats how we remember King Sombra—monologuing how powerful he was, not being the strong silent type from which fans defending him made the educated guess that he was the most subtle and insidious MLP villain). Hope informs the Two Sisters, and it leads to Sombras eventual dethroning. And the story ends with Sombra basically having cursed the empire to spite his girlfriend for rightfully telling on him, and NOT as contingency for alicorns crossing him.

Now, admittedly there were a few parts I could appreciate, hence rating this 1 additional star.
First is Radiant Hope. As a character, Hope was friendly and playful—irresistible traits in any character, particularly females. When Sombra was shunned by the rest of the school and left isolated, Hope befriended him. After which, its kind of natural that Sombra wouldnt take it well if she left him to learn in Celestias school while he stayed in the Crystal Empire, lonely again. But heres the problem: she had yet to depart then; Sombra only guessed what would happen next. Granted, he was right, but instead of communicating with her he just stormed out and sulked out in the middle of nowhere, and then betrayed her because he was told to by talking crystals claiming to be his mother. Exactly how gullible was he?
Another character I liked was Princess Amoré. She felt like the alicorns who werent Princess Luna if they were likable (albeit 1. she was established to have founded the Crystal Fair in this issue AND the Journal of the Two Sisters, despite Twilight reading aloud from a book in the season 3 premiere that it was founded by a queen; and 2. is NOT an alicorn... for some reason, but one story at a time). She was wise, caring, noble, and friendly also. As I mentioned earlier, she offered Sombra help after hed seen an unpleasant premonition that he had no idea how to prevent. He didnt know she knew he was an umbrum, and she never told him until he was proceeding to do something he could regret later. Granted, she could have sat him down and told him about, but on the other hand Sombra could have at least approached with caution, leading to Amoré reaching out to him. The latter of which happens when she catches Sombra stealing the Crystal Heart, and he lashes out at her anyway. Ill give you one guess as to which one WASNT in the right.
And finally, I kind of already had the interesting idea that Sombra becoming shadow wasnt really from being dethroned. Unfortunately, Jeremys presentation wasnt quite what I had in mind.
And thats it. Two secondary characters and my headcanon half-realized are where the positives end for me.

Now, I may not be much of a King Sombra fan, but fans on other social networks have explained why they like him, because of which I can get the appeal. Sombra was an ambitious unicorn who abused magic, conquered an empire, cursed it to disappear once his alicorn foes crossed him, and set traps even smart ponies born 1000 years later would fall for. These characterized him as resourceful, subtle and insidious. But usurping the Crystal Empire then easily losing a battle because of mere assumptions hed made that I knew from the get-go werent true—wheres the character quality in that?

And being the official comics tie-in to the series is no excuse. In fact, from my point of view its an insult to both the source material and fans intelligence. As a story itself, likable secondary characters dont necessarily offset an unlikable main character; Sombras only traits were being clueless and gullible, hasty and quick to judge, all of which inferably became his downfall. And again, what exactly am I supposed to get behind there?

But whether King Sombra needed an origin story or not, there are less jarring and more ambitious ways to write stories of this kind. But Jeremy failed to find them, thus the issue we got did Sombra even less justice than the Crystal Empire two-parter did. And thats just sad. (hide spoiler)]
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Sombra Conquers Canterlot / The Princesses & Star Swirl Help - MLP: Friendship Is Magic [Season 9]

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Episode 53, "The Crystal Empire - Part 1"

Sign in. Breakout star Erin Moriarty of " The Boys " shouts out her real-life super squad of actors. Watch now. After Princess Celestia commissions her to keep Crystal Empire from vanishing again, Twilight realizes that she must find the missing Crystal Heart in order to restore the empire's reputation and strength before it disappears again. Start your free trial. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! IMDb More.

View Badges! Contribute to This Folder. King-Sombra-Fanclub gallery. Latest Gallery Contributors. This is an updated version of my old King Sombra theory from December I felt the original had some parts that were unnecessary and overly detailed, as well as some parts that deserved refinement to stay up-to-date with what we know now. Prelude In December of , I made a theory regarding King Sombra not being dead like many fans of the show were speculating and returning to the series.

Pinkie Pie does some reconnaissance of the crystal ponies in the Season 3 premiere of Friendship Is Magic. It's dark territory for the animated TV show, which has gained an unlikely and rapidly growing " ultra-cult " following among adults. Spoiler alert: Minor plot points follow in the text and video. In the Season 3 premiere of My Little Pony , which airs Saturday on the Hub, Twilight Sparkle has been asked by Princess Celestia to protect the powerful Crystal Empire , which has re-emerged after disappearing in a 1,year curse brought about by King Sombra, a unicorn "whose heart was black as night" and has vaguely vampire-ish fangs. To protect the newly returned empire, the unicorn teams with her other Ponyville friends and her brother. Find out what happens in the clip. Then check out two more images from the upcoming episode — one of Sombra himself and another of Pinkie Pie doing some reconnaissance — in the gallery above.

That is all.
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Both parts of the episode were first broadcast on The Hub on November 10, The show follows a studious unicorn pony named Twilight Sparkle as her mentor Princess Celestia guides her to learn about friendship in the town of Ponyville. The episode centers on the reappearance of the Crystal Empire after previously being cursed over a thousand years ago by its tyrant ruler King Sombra before his banishment. On its initial airing, the episode achieved some of the highest viewership for the Hub, and continued a growth in viewership for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic from the previous year. It received mixed to positive reviews from critics.


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