Who is god of music

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who is god of music

Quote by Martin Luther: “Next to the Word of God, music deserves the hig...”

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Lucifer God Of Music Part 1

The Egyptian god of music Ihy played a minor role in ancient Egyptian mythology. As a child god, Ihy was fit into the conception of gods being connected as a family. Even being represented beautifully in all texts but Ihy was said to have been feared in ancient Egypt.

How Music Leads to God

The Twelve great gods of the Greeks were known as the Olympians. Together they presided over every aspect of human life. The goddess Hestia listed here in the second rank was sometimes included amongst the Twelve. A number of other gods were described as Olympian. Most of these were functionaries or minions of the Twelve. The Olympian gods "Theoi Olympioi" presided over ever facet of ancient life and were often grouped according to their common functions. Zeus, as the god of kings and princes, presided over the the assembly, alongside Athena, as goddess of wise counsel, Dike Justice , Themis Custom and Calliope Eloquence.

Apollo is one of the most complex and important gods, and is the god of many things, including: music, poetry, art, oracles, archery, plague, medicine, sun, light and knowledge. He is the son of Zeus and the Titan Leto, and was born in the Greek island of Delos, along with his older twin sister Artemis — goddess of the hunt. Apollo is the ideal of the kouros , which means he has a beardless, athletic and youthful appearance. He is also an oracular god as a patron of Delphi and could predict prophecy through the Delphic Oracle Pythia. Both medicine and healing are associated with Apollo and were thought to sometimes be mediated through his son, Asclepius. However, Apollo could also bring ill-health and deadly plague. Apollo also became associated with dominion over colonists, and as the patron defender of herds and flocks.

THE THEOI MOUSIKOI were the gods of music, dance and education in the arts. They were led by the Olympian twins Apollo and Artemis, the former presiding.
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Positive Examples Throughout the Bible

Thomas Bergersen - A God Of Epic Music - Public Album Archangel (Two Steps From Hell)

There is something profound, powerful, phenomenal, unfathomable, mesmerizing, mysterious, and just simply amazing about music. Music does inexplicable things to us. The hills are alive with the sound of music. Music moves us. Music has the power to transport our minds and imaginations to another time or place.

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  2. Gandharvas are celestial musicians in Hindu Mythology. He is described to perform in the courts of gods Kubera and Lord Indra, as well as sing praises of Lord Vishnu. Adbhuta Ramayana mentions Tumburu to be the best of all the singers are was rewarded by Lord Vishnu.

  3. Apollo is one of the most important and complex of the Olympian deities in classical Greek and Roman religion and Greek and Roman mythology. The national divinity of the Greeks, Apollo has been recognized as a god of archery, music and dance, truth and.

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