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Moccasin Thunder: American Indian Stories for Today by Lori Marie Carlson

The ten stories that make up this collection are raw, original, and fresh. Although they are all about American Indians, they are as different from one another as they are from anything youve read before.

A supermarket checkout line, a rowboat on a freezing lake at dawn, a drunken dance in the gym, an ice hockey game on public-access TV. These are some of the backgrounds against which ten outstanding authors have created their memorable characters. Their work -- both poignant and funny, sarcastic and serious -- reminds us that the American Indian story is far from over -- its being written every day.
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Santa Rosa Beach Children’s Photographer

Remember this adorable beach session? Well, this is little Mary Marie now, at 2 years old! It is called my Make Believe Session. I added some paper mushrooms and a gorgeous flower crown and voila! We have ourselves an enchanted woodland inspired garden. I am so smitten with these! I love doing my Make Believe Sessions.

Working out of her home studio, Berkeley-born textile designer Lori Marie Johnson has created designs that define the signature homespun look of Pottery Barn Kids and have earned her an appearance on The Martha Stewart Show. Her own line, Pretty Little Things by Lori Marie, includes totes, dolls, stuffed animals, pincushions, and a new selection of jewelry for adults. As an independent designer, how did you start working for a big outfit such as Pottery Barn? I was doing this as a hobby, and I found a job listing on the Williams-Sonoma website. They loved it and whisked me through the interview process. I was hired on a Friday, and the next Monday, I was in the office. Y our idea for your Martha Stewart Show segment left quite an impression.

Lori Rader-Day's first attempt at writing was Beverly Cleary fan-fiction. Fan-fiction is what they call that sort of thing now. Then, they would have called it theft. She was 7. Her life of crime began. Basil E. Frankweiler, and Lois Duncan books.



Happy Monday! I hope your week is off to a fabulous start! Today I have the absolute pleasure of sharing something so delicious it will have clicking as fast as your little hands can take you just to find out more! She decided to take some art classes to balance out her math and science courses and soon discovered that design is way more fun. She switched to fashion design, and the rest, as they say, is history! I find her green hair and striped legs quite enchanting.

Check out this excellent tutorial from Lori Marie at Pretty Little Things on how to sew an attractive and easy pet bed. You can adjust the size to fit your pet. If you have a sewing machine, you can do this. And with all the gorgeous fabrics out there or by repurposing something you already have, your pet bed can be a lovely addition to your home. Not to mention a comfy place for your pet! Check out this other DIY pet bed made from an old sweater. Im a lil new to the sewing thing, and love this idea.

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