If cats and dogs ruled the world

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if cats and dogs ruled the world

If Dogs Ruled the World (Level 3) by Faith McNulty

Faith McNulty, a prolific childrens book author, has written many science books for children. In this easy reader, she invites children to imagine a pooch-patrolled world!

If dogs ruled the world, they would keep people as pets.

The dogs are taking us to the vet, giving us flea baths, and reading training books on how to teach us to sit and lie down. Children will love this silly story, with lively illustrations by Julie Durrell, about a topsy-turvy world.
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If dogs ruled the World

What Would Happen If Cats Ruled the World?

Imagine a world where dogs and cats ruled over the lands and made all of the decisions based on their needs and wants. They would all live inside and have soft cozy beds to sleep on and have personal chefs owners to fill their food bowls with yummy healthy meals and sparkling clean water. They would have closets full of collars with engraved tags to choose from each day, personal stylists groomers standing by to brush their luxurious fur and personal trainers obedience specialists to make sure they exercise and stay in tip top shape. Wait a second…. BUT, these are the dreams of the animals in our shelter…. Join us as we learn more about dogs and cats and lend a helping paw to get them adopted. Search form Search.

Well, to be honest, preparing food for our cats and looking after them all the time, making their bed and preparing the place of their peeing and then cleaning it too; if any alien sees us from the space would be thinking the same as if our cats are really our rulers. So, the assumption is not that illogical. However, how different matters will be effected let us take a look. Surely, the first thing is that cats will finally get a well-managed place to pee and take good care of themselves. Bathrooms will be out of limit for everyone, and only cats will be allowed to pee there. Cats will prove to be a just ruler. And yes, one more thing, no yelling is allowed.

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