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the then and the now

Then and Now by W. Somerset Maugham

Amazing historical fiction. Utterly amazing author and prose!

Then and Now by W. Somerset Maugham follows four months of the year 1502 in the life of Niccolo Machiavelli (1469-1527)--Florentine author, playwright, philosopher, politician and diplomat. It is about the man Machiavelli and how he came to write the play La Mandragola / The Mandrake and the treatise Il Principe / The Prince. The former is a five-act satirical play about Callimaco who passionately desires Lucrezia, the young and beautiful wife of Nicia who desires above all else an heir. Could it be he that is barren? The latter is a political treatise inspired by the nobleman, politician and all powerful Duke of Valentinois--Cesare Borgia (1475- 1507). One compares what Maugham writes with what Machiavelli has written with what actually happened.

Are you curious about Machiavelli, famed for the credo that “the ends justify the means”? Do you want to get into his head, see how he may have thought and what he may have said? Yes? Then read this book. You will not be disappointed. You might think it pointless to get into the head of a 16th century politician. You might think it would be boring. It is not. He was astute, a careful observer of the world around him. Much is still valid today. Mugham has captured his eloquence magnificently. The book is filled with innumerable lines worth quoting, lines that speak aptly of human behavior. Here follows just one:

“Truth is the most dangerous weapon a man can wield, and so we must wield it with caution.”

The book has humor, particularly in what the women say and do. Machiavelli says, ”Women are capricious and uncertain,” but just look at how clever they are here.

There is suspense and excitement. You will find yourself holding your breath. I was. At one point we are held back, waiting, waiting, waiting. I could not be held back another second longer; I was jumping out of my seat.

The book has interesting historical content. We observe the warring Italian city-states of the Renaissance. That Cesare Borgia was seeking to unite Italy back in the early 1500s is noteworthy considering hat three centuries had to pass before this came to be!

The audiobook I listened to was narrated by Andrew Wincott. I did not love the narration. The tone employed is often ingratiating, at times affected and overly dramatized. The tone does fit the text, but it is nerve-wracking to listen to. I had difficulty distinguishing the names of Italian people and places. They are spoken too quickly for a listener not fluent in Italian. With repetition, recognition becomes easier. Either I got used to the narration or it improves as you go along; I am not sure which. I have given the narration three stars.

The story is cleverly drawn, has interesting historical content, suspense, humor and eloquent prose that wonderfully befits Machiavelli. The author makes a person you most probably do not look upon with warmth fascinating.

My ratings of Maugham’s books:
Then and Now 5 stars
Mrs Craddock 4 stars
Cakes and Ale 4 stars
The Painted Veil 4 stars
Liza of Lambeth 3 stars
The Razors Edge 3 stars
Christmas Holiday 3 stars
Theatre 2 stars
The Moon and Sixpence 2 stars
Of Human Bondage 2 stars

I am terribly impressed by Maugham’s ability to create widely varying stories, each executed in strikingly different ways, each unique and special. I will be reading every book I can get by this author.
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