Women and the making of america

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women and the making of america

Women and the Making of America, Volume 1 by Mari Jo Buhle

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Women and the Making of America, Volume 1

A chronological survey of the role and experience of women in American history, Women and the Making of America examines the issue of power in women's lives and women's history. Examining relationships between men and women as well as the diverse experiences of different women, the book explores how women were central to the making of America's history. Mari Jo Buhle is William R. Kenan Jr. She received her B. She is also coeditor of Encyclopedia of the American Left, second edition Professor Buhle held a fellowship — from the John D.

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Cover of Hope in a Jar. P eiss received her B. She has taught at Rutgers, Cornell, and the University of Maryland - Baltimore County, where she developed a women's studies program. She has been teaching at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst since and currently serves as director of the history graduate program there. The text of her lecture , with additional notes, is also available.



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